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United States

Title Institution
Stigler Committee on Digital Platforms – Final Report Stigler Committee on Digital Platforms


Title Institution
Digital Platforms Inquiry – Final Report Australian Competition and Consumer Commission


Title Institution
Considerations on digitalization challenges in the economy and competition law enforcement Austrian Federal Competition Authority


Title Institution
Digital Era Competition – a BRICS View BRICS Competition Law and Policy Centre
BRICS in the digital economy: Competition Policy in Practice Report BRICS Competition Authorities


Title Institution
Big Data and Innovation: Key Themes for Competition Policy in Canada Competition Bureau of Canada
Democracy Under Threat: Risks and Solutions in the Era of Disinformation and Data Monopoly Canadian House of Commons


Title Institution
Políticas de competencia para una economía digital el marco regulatorio e institucional y el contexto internacional CEPAL
Data, algorithms and policies: Redefining the digital world CEPAL
Política de competencia y convergencia de sectores: Tecnologías de la información y financeiras CEPAL

European Commission

Title Institution
Competition Policy for the Digital Era European Commission
Preliminary Opinion of the European Data Protection Supervisor: Privacy and Competitiveness in the Age of Big Data - The Interplay between Data Protection, Competition Law and Consumer Protection in the Digital Economy European Data Protection Supervisor
Opinion 07/2015: Meeting the Challenges of Big Data European Data Protection Supervisor
Consumer Market Study on online Market Segmentation Through Personalized pricing/offers in the European Union European Commission


Title Institution
Competition law and data Bundeskartellamt; Autorité de la concurrence
Publicité En Ligne : La Constitution d’un Écosystème En Forte Croissance et Tiré Par Deux Acteurs Autorité de la Concurrence
Working paper on algorithms and competition Bundeskartellamt and Autorité de la Concurrence
Contribution de l’Autorité de la concurrence au débat sur la politique de concurrence et les enjeux numériques Autorité de la Concurrence
Competition & E-Commerce Autorité de la Concurrence


Title Institution
Competition law and data Autorité de la concurrence; Bundeskartellamt
Working Paper - Market Power of Platforms and Networks: Bundeskartellamt
White Paper: Digital Platforms German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Industry
Working paper on algorithms and competition Bundeskartellamt and Autorité de la Concurrence
A new competition framework for the digital economy Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs
Modernizing the law on abuse of market power Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs


Title Institution
Draft National E-Commerce Policy Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Market Study on E-Commerce in India Competition Commission of India


Title Institution
Big Data: Interim Report in the Context of the Joint Inquiry on ‘Big Data’ Launched by the AGCOM Deliberation No. 217/17 / CONS Autoritá Per Le Garanzie Nelle Comunicazioni
BIG DATA: INDAGINE CONOSCITIVA CONGIUNTA - LINEE GUIDA E RACCOMANDAZIONI DI POLICY Autoritá Garante Della Concorrenza e Del Mercato; Autoritá Per Le Garanzie Nelle Comunicazioni; Garante Per La Protezione Dei Dati Personali
INDAGINE CONOSCITIVA SUI BIG DATA Autoritá Garante Della Concorrenza e Del Mercato; Autoritá Per Le Garanzie Nelle Comunicazioni; Garante Per La Protezione Dei Dati Personali


Title Institution
Report of the study group on data and competition policy Japan Fair Trade Commission
Report regarding the trade practices of digital platforms Japan Fair Trade Commission
Guidelines Concerning Abuse of a Superior Bargaining Position in Transactions between Digital Platform Operators and Consumers that Provide Personal Information, etc Japan Fair Trade Commission


Title Institution
Rethinking competition in the Digital Economy Comisión Federal de Competencia Económica - COFECE

The Netherlands

Title Institution
Market Study into Mobile App Stores Authority for Consumer and Markets
Working paper: Price effects of non-brand bidding agreements in the Dutch hotel sector Authority for Consumer and Markets


Title Institution
Measuring digital transformation OECD
Rethinking antitrust tools for multi-sided markets OECD
Considering Non-Price Effects in Merger Control OECD


Title Institution
Ecosystems and Data Autoridade da Concorrência

United Kingdom

Title Institution
Unlocking digital competition: Report of the Digital Competition Expert Panel HM Treasury
Ex-post Assessment of Merger Control Decisions in Digital Markets Competition and Markets Authority
Letter on Digital Competition Competition and Markets Authority
The Cairncross Review: A sustainable future for journalism Cairncross
Disinformation and “fake news”: final report UK House of Commons
Online Platforms and Digital Advertisement - Market Study Final Report Competition and Market Authority
Digital Comparison Tools Market Study Competition and Market Authority


Title Institution
The new digital economy and development UNCTAD
The value and role of data in electronic commerce and the digital economy and its implications for inclusive trade and development UNCTAD

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