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The major causes of banking problems, both in developed and developing countries, have historically been directly related to lax credit standards, poor portfolio risk management or a lack of attention to changes in economic or other circumstances. However, the relationship between an entity’s financial ability to honour its debt and understanding other inter-related risks affecting the probability of default of a counterparty or an instrument is a critical part of lending risks.

Join us for three interrelated lunch seminars with Roselyne Renel to discuss practical examples of managing risks. The sessions will examine what can go wrong in transactions using actual transactions/situations.

Roselyne Renel is a seasoned financial services executive with deep domain expertise managing risk across a broad range of asset classes, products and client segments. Highly skilled in credit, market, liquidity and strategic risks, both in developed and emerging markets, across a wide range of banking and financial services sectors. She is a career risk officer with over 25 years of experience in global financial services across both emerging and developed markets in all areas of corporate and institutional banking, with a strong focus on derivatives and capital markets execution, structured products, commodities, corporate finance, private equity as well as retail and private banking. Based in London, she has led global teams for both Deutsche Bank, where she spent the majority of her career (just over 16 years), and Standard Chartered Bank, where she has been for the last 5 ½ years. She is passionate in championing the issues of women, girls and the underprivileged.

Monday, October 14: 12-1pm | Harper Center C05
Lending Risks in Emerging Markets
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This session will look at examples from emerging markets corporate borrowers where we will discuss, based on client data/information and transaction structure, what are the potential risks or areas of focus and whether approval to the proposed deal should be granted. We will then examine what could go wrong, what did go wrong and how was the exposure recovered.

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Tuesday, October 15: 12-1pm | Harper Center C05
Lending Risks with Corporate Borrowers
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This session will examine examples from developed countries corporate borrowers and also touch on the retail sector, both in emerging and non-emerging markets.

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Thursday, October 17: 12-1pm | Harper Center C25
The Financial Risks of Climate Change
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The impact of climate change will result in substantial structural adjustments to the global economy. These in turn will inevitably impact the balance sheet and operations of banks, bringing risks as well as opportunities. Regulators globally have put climate risk at the top of their agenda, resulting in a paradigm shift for lending institutions from a strategic, client and disclosure perspective. This session will examine what can go wrong because of climate risk, and why there is a need for financial institutions to address 'climate' as a financial risk and not only as a potential reputational risk.

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All seminars take place from 12 to 1 p.m. in Harper Center (5807 S Woodlawn Ave).