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Join the European Policy Hub and the Stigler Center on a panel discussion comparing the regulatory approaches of the US and their European counterparts towards big tech, featuring Sean Durkin (VP at Charles River Associates), Prof. Jacques Cremer (Toulouse School of Economics), Sandeep Vaheesan (Legal Director, Open Markets Institute), and Prof. Guy Rolnik (Chicago Booth School).

Antitrust regulation of global technology corporations has emerged as one of the most challenging and pressing policy questions of our time. Issues ranging from consumer welfare to sanctity of elections are at stake. So far, US has followed a largely hands-off approach while Europe has slapped the big tech with several penalties. However, some US presidential hopefuls, led by Senator Warren, have openly called for punitive measures in case they are elected. Our panel, comprising European and American academic and professional experts, will tackle this intricate and broad topic in a holistic fashion. Among others, they will deal with the following questions: What are the differences between European and American approaches? Have the European Commission's fines on companies such as Google and Facebook served their intended purpose? Should the use of private data be regulated?

5:00 p.m. Discussion and Q&A

7:00 p.m. Adjournment

Keller Center Harris School of Public Policy
1307 East 60th Street, Room 1022
Chicago, IL 60637

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