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Join us for a conversation with authors Brink Lindsey, Steven Teles, Eric Posner, and Glen Weyl on their latest books—The Captured Economy: How the Powerful Enrich Themselves, Slow Down Growth, and Increase Inequality; and respectively Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society. The conversation will be moderated by Georgetown University’s Katherine Waldock.

Not so long ago, Silicon Valley was America’s pride and joy. Google, Facebook, and Apple represented the best of America—our drive to innovate, to dare, to dream. But the winds have decidedly shifted in the last year or two, as Big Tech’s enormous wealth and power have become apparent. Has Big Tech taken on monpoolistic tendencies, stifling competition and innovation? Are these tech darlings big enough to necessitate increased regulation or perhaps even antitrust action? Is it time to break up Big Tech?

12:00 p.m. Registration, discussion and Q&A
1:00 p.m. Adjournment and book signing

Harper Center C25
5807 S Woodlawn Ave
Chicago, IL 60637

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