Become an Authentic Leader with Chicago Booth 

As a leader in your organization, you are tasked with managing the financial health of your department while maintaining your team's drive, innovation, and shared vision. Our programs emphasize agility, delivering high performance, and implementing change to create executives who stand out because of the authenticity, incisiveness, and clarity they bring to leading their organizations.

Our leadership programs are designed for the mid- to senior-level executives in charge of creating value for their organizations by advancing their leadership skills. Our leadership programs are an excellent fit for executives who manage high-performing teams, manage during times of change, build cross-functional and cross-organizational relationships, and negotiate or influence for the better of their organization. You will leave Booth with a new set of leadership skills to bring your organization to new heights.

Essentials of Executive Leadership: The Psychology of Management

Learn the apply insights from the discipline of social psychology to build your ability to effectively lead and management people, processes and situations.

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High-Performance Leadership 

Create a high-performance environment that drives financial results, inspires innovation, and accelerates growth.

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Leading Organizational Change

Learn powerful methods to revitalize your organization, gain cooperation, improve strategic thinking and creative problem solving.

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Negotiation and Decision-Making Strategies 

Learn how to negotiate with integrity using the basic influence techniques of professional negotiators.

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Physician Leadership Program

As the business of healthcare becomes increasingly tied to clinical outcomes, physicians must become effective, agile leaders. This program equips physicians with the essential leadership tools needed to manage cross-functional teams and implement data-driven financial decisions.

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Strategic Business Leadership: Engagement, Performance, and Execution

Learn how to use the tools in social capital to build cross-functional, cross-organizational relationships and get ahead of the competition.

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Leading High-Performance Organizations—Hong Kong

By attending, executives will learn behaviors that accelerate or stifle high performance, leverage positive attributes, and techniques to build performance.

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Negotiations: Strategies and Processes for Impactful Outcomes—Hong Kong

Become a more effective negotiator by developing your toolkit of negotiation tactics and strategies. You'll learn from an extensive set of negotiation experiences in class, practice your skills, and benefit from valuable feedback.

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