Whole Brain Leadership—Online

Leadership for Analytical Thinkers

Leverage the latest research in neuroscience to unleash your full brain power and maximize your leadership potential.

In today’s disruptive and rapidly-changing work environment, leaders — across all industries and geographies — are challenged to innovate and solve complex business problems at a faster pace than ever before. As a result, leaders may experience stress, burnout, and a sense of feeling disconnected or stuck in the “day to day”. By discovering how to harness the underutilized potential of the right (creative) side of their brains, executives can shift from merely functioning to optimizing their behavior — and achieve new heights for their organizations.

This online program utilizes a "whole brain" leadership approach to help  you maximize your leadership potential by becoming more perceptive of your brain's thought processes. Backed by the latest research in neuroscience, this interactive, interdisciplinary program provides the conceptual frameworks to unlock the right brain's underutilized potential—shifting from function to optimal leadership thinking. You will explore the role of mindfulness and emotional intelligence in conscious decision-making, stretch to overcome mental blind spots, and become a more agile thinker.

You'll gain practical tools to rewire the brain, drive mindsets, and become more conscious of how you engage with others. Ultimately, you'll boost personal and organizational performance by gaining the tools to change and refine how you think in response to change, innovation, and new possibilities.

By attending, you'll...

  • Lead change with confident authenticity, aligning purpose and culture, to drive higher employee engagement.
  • Discover how to eliminate burnout, manage stress effectively, and mitigate employee turnover.
  • Elevate the quality of complex decision-making with greater agility and speed by examining the role of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.
  • Develop the ability to shift to effortless flow—driving greater productivity and high performance.
  • Gain practical tools to amplify big picture thinking and disruptive innovation.
  • Communicate with fierce compassion to foster mutual understanding, deeper connection, and wellbeing.
  • Drive and create new mindsets by examining the role of neuroplasticity in behaviors. 

Will analytical and non-analytical leaders find benefit in attending?

Yes. Striking a balance between creative and analytical thinking is critical in today’s complex business environments. This program benefits both analytical and non-analytical executives by exploring the brain’s thought processes with special focus on the right (creative) side of the brain to amplify big-picture thinking. Thus, both audiences will discover value in unique ways. 

  • Analytical, Scientific, and Data-Focused Thinkers: This program helps analytical-dominant leaders enhance their human connections by tapping into creative, empahtic, and innovative thoughts. These leaders will learn how to unlock their right brain's underutilized potential—shifting from function to optimal leadership thinking.

  • Non-Analytical Thinkers: Bridging left and right brain thinking together intentionally can drive deeper levels of problem solving and value creation. This program helps creative-dominant leaders understand the science behind whole brain leadership to improve responses to change, innovation, and new possibilities.  

This program is an excellent fit for mid- senior level executives who seek to improve their personal leadership skills and enhance their ability to connect, empathize, and embrace change through a deeper understanding of how the brain works. Executives from a wide range of industries such as consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, retail, finance, banking, consulting, and communications/media will value attending.

Stephanie Klein

Founder, MindFire Mastery

Stephanie’s experience as a 3x Chief Marketing Officer in Fortune 500 firms helps her understand the challenges and stress of leading through uncertainty, crisis and organizational change. As a new CMO in 2008, she led her global team through the financial crisis. When she came up for air several years later, she was diagnosed with life threatening breast cancer that opened her awareness to the toll her stressful life was taking on her body, mind and spirit. She realized self compassion, mindfulness and balance were critical for her healing journey, while opening her up to be a more vulnerable and connected leader, mother, partner and friend.

After leading through the joy and tribulations of a transformative acquisition in 2017, she realized it was time for her to walk away and pursue a more meaningful second act. She began a journey of education and growth that led her to become a Certified Search Inside Yourself Instructor, Executive Coach, Speaker and author. Her disruptive story of leaving the C-suite will be published in the anthology, “Turning Point Moments: True Inspirational Stories About Creating a Life that Works for You” (June 2022). Her book “Waking Up on the the Right Side of Wrong“, will be published in fall 2022 – about how we can use disruption and mindset to positively change the trajectory of our lives.

As an Executive Coach, Positive Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Educator, Speaker and Author, she is passionate about empowering elite professionals to thrive through change. She helps them bravely embrace their authenticity, learn to adapt with choice, and stretch with confidence and compassion, so they optimize performance and well-being and build mental resilience to shift from burnout to balance. What lights her up is seeing how inner transformation creates positive outer change, with myriad ripple effects across relationships, organizations, communities and our world.

This online program is scheduled to launch in Fall 2022. Please complete the "Keep Me Informed" form to be kept informed on the latest program updates and schedule.