Update: COVID-19 has delayed our ability to host group visits and field trips, but we hope to be able to welcome groups soon. If you are a high school teacher or college professor interested in visiting Mindworks with your class, please submit an inquiry using this form.

Mindworks is invested in giving educators the resources they need to help teach behavioral science to a variety of audiences.

We are a great resource for educators looking to take their students on a Chicago field trip to engage with hands-on learning opportunities.

If you or your group would like to learn more about us or plan a visit, please submit an inquiry.

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Making Mindworks part of your curriculum can take many forms. We can host group visits for up to 40 people at once, and we can also keep track of members from your group as they visit on their own time. A guided group visit can last about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on whether you’d like your group to take part in our ongoing behavioral science research.

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At Mindworks, we’re happy to work closely with you to help develop programming that fits your needs. Please submit an inquiry to get started.

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