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We all have goals that are important to us but hard to reach. This exhibit asks you to reflect on the goals in your life, as well as some of the barriers that stand in your way. Using insights from choice architecture and the psychology of motivation and goal setting, you can choose a strategy to help you remove the barrier between you and a specific goal, and get started on designing your best life.

By choosing a colorful shape to answer each question in the exhibit, you’ll create a layered data portrait that represents your goal, the perceived barrier, and a technique to remove the barrier and reach your goal. And then you’ll display your portrait on our wall alongside hundreds of portraits of others who are also pledging to design their best lives.

See what others are pledging and share your portrait by searching and posting on social media with the hashtag #choicearchitect.

Images from the Exhibit

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Further Readings: The Science behind the Exhibit

Choice architecture leverages insights from across the discipline of social psychology and offers especially powerful interventions for applications in the area of motivation and goal setting.

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