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Raphaely Tali Are you a courageous negotiator? Are you ready to step in and achieve the best outcome for your next business deal, compensation negotiation, or resource-allocation conversation with your colleague? In this CareerCast, Tali Raphaely, attorney, investor, and author of The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate, shares insights, strategies, and proven negotiation skills that you can use to win in various areas of your career—and life.

Aired October 16, 2013

Tali Raphaely is the president and managing member of Armour Settlement Services, LLC, a nationally recognized real estate title company that conducts thousands of real estate transactions nationwide annually.

His title company works regularly with the nation’s leading real estate brokerages, banks, and mortgage companies. Among his regular clients are Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc.; Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC; RE/MAX, LLC; Keller Williams Realty, Inc.; Wells Fargo Bank; Bank of America; and countless other industry giants throughout the country. 

Tali is a real estate investor and uses his proven negotiating skills to buy properties at the right prices to ensure maximum equity and return on investment from the moment he purchases the properties. 

He graduated from law school in the top 5 percent of his class with magna cum laude honors. After he graduated law school, he had the great honor and privilege of starting his legal career as a law clerk for two judges in the very prestigious Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, where he worked on, and was actively involved in, the drafting of numerous published appellate court opinions that still remain the authoritative law on the legal topics these cases and opinions addressed. 

Subsequent to providing his service as a law clerk in the Court of Special Appeals, he joined a prominent law firm as a litigation attorney prior to becoming involved in the real estate industry. He specializes in real estate law and real estate transactions and has become a leader and prominent figure in his field. 

Tali is an author, and the focus of his writing is primarily on negotiation, business advice, and providing the motivation and inspiration to help people live greater, more fulfilling lives. His first book is The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate. 

Raised in a very close-knit family, he has never let his many accomplishments overshadow his values and morals. As a result, he spends much of his time these days focusing on mentoring, inspiring, and helping others. 

He spends the majority of his time in Miami, but also spends time regularly in his hometown of Baltimore. He attributes his success and accomplishments to his parents, who have always provided him with unlimited love, support, and guidance.

The Complete Guide on How to Negotiate: Master the Art of Getting What You Want in Business and in Life by Tali Raphaely (2013)

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Raphaely Tali The Complete Guide On How to Negotiate

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