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Lisa BodellWe live in a world of complexity that can make your work harder, more frustrating, and less productive. For many, finding purpose and meaning at work can collapse under the weight of so much to do. Lisa Bodell. CEO of futurethink and author of WHY SIMPLE WINS: Escape the Complexity Trap and Get to Work That Matters, believes in the power of simplification as a path to get more done and find greater meaning. In this CareerCast, Lisa shares her research, deep experience, and tips and tactics to give yourself more room to have the success you want.

Aired June 16, 2017

Lisa Bodell believes in the power of simplification. She is the founder and CEO of futurethink, a company that uses simple techniques to help organizations embrace change and increase their capability for innovation. She brings her compelling message to over 100,000 people a year, showing them how to eliminate mundane and unnecessary tasks from their everyday routine so that they have more time for work that matters. Bodell has transformed teams within organizations like Google, Novartis, Accenture, and more. Drawing on her practical Midwestern upbringing and entrepreneurial background, she has used the power of simplification to launch three successful businesses, write two books (Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins), travel to over 40 countries and 48 states, and sit on boards such as Novartis’ Diversity and Inclusion Board and the Global Advisory Council for the World Economic Forum.

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Why Simple Wins by Lisa Bodel

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