Whoever Tells the Best Career Story Wins

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Sam Horn Some people think of stories as things for kids, yet successful professionals know that stories can inspire, persuade, and completely transform a situation. Stories can also help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. In this CareerCast, Sam Horn, an award-winning communication/creativity consultant, shares her insights, knowledge, and wisdom on how you can tell a career story to accelerate your career advancement and WIN in your career and life!

Aired December 18, 2008

Tell Me About Yourself: Storytelling that Propels Careers by Katharine Hansen (2009) 

The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders Inspire Action through Narrative by Stephen Denning (2007) 

The Elements of Persuasion: Use Storytelling to Pitch Better, Sell Faster & Win More Business by Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman (2007) 

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath (2007) 

Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins: How to Use Your Own Stories to Communicate with Power and Impact by Annette Simmons (2007) 

Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over: How Organizations Use Stories to Drive Results by Lori L. Silverman (2006) 

The Story Factor by Annette Simmons (2006) 

Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story by Jerry Weissman (2006) 

Around the Corporate Campfire: How Great Leaders Use Stories to Inspire Success by Evelyn Clark (2004) 

Leader’s Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art and Discipline of Business Narrative by Stephen Denning (2005) 

Squirrel Inc.: A Fable of Leadership through Storytelling by Stephen Denning (2004) 

The Springboard: How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era Organizations by Stephen Denning (2000)

Sam Horn is an award-winning communication/creativity consultant who has a 20-year track record of results with an international clientele including Fortune 500 Forum, Young Presidents Organization, Hewlett-Packard, NASA, Kaiser Permanente, National Governors Association, KPMG, Boeing, Intel, and Capital One. She was selected (along with Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Tim Ferris, and Michael Gerber) to be a featured speaker at Inc. magazine’s annual convention for the top 5,000 entrepreneurs in the country. She is the author of several books, including POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd. Her site is www.samhorn.com.


Read an excerpt of POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd by Sam Horn. 

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