Using Intuition to Succeed at Work

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Jessica Prcye-Jones

Unleash the power of intuition in the workplace with this episode of Chicago Booth's CareerCast featuring the insightful Jessica Pryce-Jones. Join us as Jess shares her expertise on harnessing intuition to achieve success at work. In this episode, she delves into the art of intuitive decision-making, building trust in your instincts, and fostering a dynamic work environment that embraces intuition. Tune in to gain invaluable insights into creating new opportunities, greater career satisfaction, and more meaningful contributions.

Aired May 14, 2024

Jessica Pryce-Jones started her career in finance where she learned about numbers, strategy, and leadership. After 10 years in the corporate world, she earned a psychology degree; wanting to understand why some of her bosses were brilliant and others were frankly dismal. Those insights launched a new career in facilitating, coaching, designing interventions, and writing.

She believes in using hard, soft, and intuitive information to get to the heart of complex and opaque professional issues. Tapping into this different knowledge gives fresh insight into how to solve problems, particularly around our worries and our work.

Her clients include multinationals in healthcare, professional services, FMCG, banking, creative, education, manufacturing, publishing, and engineering industries as well as the public and not-for-profit sectors.

She’s also worked as adjunct faculty in leadership development at many business schools including Cambridge Judge, Cass, Cornell, Chicago Booth, Cranfield, London Business School, and Saïd (Oxford); and is a Fellow of Harvard’s Institute of Coaching. She’s published two books ( Happiness at Work: Maximizing Your Psychological Capital for Success and Running Great Meetings & Workshops For Dummies) and her new book, Intuition At Work will be released in Summer 2024.

She lives in France and the UK but works all over the world.

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