Turning Adversity to Your Advantage

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Ben WoodwardAdversity seems to be everywhere – from home to work to society. According to strategist, coach and author of the bestselling book, The Empowerment Paradox, Ben Woodward, believe that now is the perfect time to accelerate your growth, advancement, and confidence by turning the challenges in front of you to your advantage. In this CareerCast, Ben brings his insights from repeated experiences with family trauma, chronic illness, and corporate crisis to help you build personal strength and power for greater capacity, meaning and authentic success.

Aired November 20, 2020

Ben Woodward’s repeated personal experiences with family trauma, chronic illness, and corporate crisis have taught and tutored him with intimate insight. He gained wisdom from such lessons that had led him to thrive as a senior executive in multibillion-dollar companies, become global president of a multinational corporation. He has served on the board of directors for trade associations, traveled to thirty countries as a keynote speaker, business leader, and entrepreneur, and most importantly, enjoys a wonderful home life with his wife Kim and seven beautiful children.

As a strategist, coach and author of the bestselling book, The Empowerment Paradox, Ben helps people find hidden strength when confronting complex or chronic challenges. Importantly, he takes people beyond the surface of the symptomatology of suffering and empowers them to turn this new found personal strength into value, and from there, transform value and purpose into inspirational identity, meaning, and authentic success.

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