Transforming Self-Sabotage

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Candice Seti Do you put things off that you know you should get done? As a coach, therapist and author of The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook, Dr. Candice Seti would tell you that you are not alone. The vast majority of working professionals procrastinate nearly every day. The cost is significant and yet, you can move past it. In this CareerCast, Candice shares her research-based knowledge, strategies, and insights on transforming self-sabotage and be more effective, credible, and successful.

Aired May 21, 2021

As a coach, therapist and author of The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook, Dr. Candice Seti is committed to helping others achieve health and wellness while gaining self-confidence, stopping self-sabotage, and achieving their goals. She maintains a private practice in San Diego, California, where she works one-on-one with individuals, helping them understand their maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns while replacing them with a healthier perspective that allows them to overcome self-sabotage and thrive in their lives. Find her online at

The Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook: A Step-by-Step Program to Conquer Negative Thoughts, Boost Confidence, and Learn to Believe in Yourself by Dr. Candice Seti (2021)

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Self Sabotage Behavior Workbook

Read an excerpt from the Self-Sabotage Behavior Workbook by Dr. Candice Seti.

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