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Ray HouserWhere do obstacles come from? Raymond Houser, former sales executive and author of The Winning Advantage: Tap into Your Richest Resources, would tell you that there are no obstacles so great in life as the ones we create for ourselves and you are also the source of the solution. In this CareerCast, Ray shares how you can transform your perceived limitations and leverage what differentiates you for great opportunities, success, and happiness.

Aired February 15, 2019

Raymond Houser is the author of The Winning Advantage: Tap Into Your Richest Resources.

He started earning money by selling pecans when he was six years-old.  By the time he was 12, he had a paper route in addition to working in grocery stores and a bowling alley. When his dream of becoming a major league baseball catcher ended, he knew he had to focus on other goals. And that is what he did, challenging himself to overcome shyness and knock on doors until he became the highest-grossing divisional book salesman of his time for the Southwestern Company. After that he started, developed, and eventually sold, his own book company.

His career had its ups and downs, including a bankruptcy. Yet, despite setbacks, he never gave up. Starting a new career in his 40s, he was hired at Merrill Lynch where he became a successful money manager who earned accolades—and substantial income for himself and his clients—through trust in himself and innovation. In time, he started, developed, and eventually sold, another company. Today he is a sought-after speaker who offers his experience and perspective on managing a career and, most of all, a life.

He divides his time between Dallas and San Diego.

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The Winning Advantage by Raymond Houser

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