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Duncan Mathison Knowing where you want to go and being able to articulate your value are critical and essential to your short- and long-term success. In this CareerCast, Duncan Mathison, executive career coach and coauthor of Unlock the Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps to a Successful Search When Times Are Tough, shares his knowledge, wisdom, and highly practical experience in how to craft a compelling transition story to help you advance in your career and change your life.

Aired January 21, 2010

Duncan Mathison coaches professional clients on effective job search tactics when the economy is bad and the job market is tight. Recognizing that most people would much rather have a job than look for a job, he prefers an approach that is focused, effective, and less reliant on wishing a dream job will be advertised and a resume will somehow survive the screening process employers put in place to protect themselves from the hordes of unemployed. His clients have ranged across industries including finance, technology, telecommunications, biotechnology, retail, and entertainment. His tools are effective for job seekers looking to quickly find work in their field or successfully reinvent their careers.

Previously, he spent 18 years as vice president, managing director, and senior consultant for Drake Beam Morin (DBM), a global outplacement firm. Today, Duncan is an author and speaker on organization performance, leadership, and executive career topics.

In addition to writing on career and leadership topics, he has frequently appeared in the media, including the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, FOX News,,, and Yahoo’s

Unlock the Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps to a Successful Job Search When Times Are Tough by Duncan Mathison and Martha I. Finney (2010)

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Duncan Mathison Unlock the Hidden Job Market

Read an excerpt of Unlock the Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps to a Successful Job Search When Times Are Tough by Duncan Mathison and Martha I. Finney.

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