Successful Transitions: Out and In

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Alicia Bassuk Transitioning out of old roles and into new ones can be a big challenge – and the stakes are high. Yet you can make the most of your next move whether you are currently employed or have been out of the workforce for quite some time. In this CareerCast, Alicia Bassuk, Executive Mentor at Ubica Inc. and Chicago Booth alumna shares how to think strategically about the implications of any move, marshal resources and knowledge fast to capitalize on opportunities, and more.

Aired September 18, 2015

Alicia Bassuk, principal at Ubica Leadership Strategies, is an executive coach and strategic advisor to leaders and their teams internationally. Bassuk provides clients guidance in maximizing individual effectiveness and optimizing team cohesion. Her clients have nicknamed her a business shrink, muse, and drill sergeant. Clients include Presidential Appointees, Barclays, McKinsey & Company, Christie’s, Google, Vosges Chocolates, United Nations, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and MIT Media Lab.

Bassuk is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review blog and has co-authored articles with such leadership gurus as Marshall Goldsmith including Finding Meaning in the Workplace in the journal ‘Leadership Excellence’ and has published on She has an upcoming book including essays about leadership and management techniques: Ariadne's Gift: Don't Be Clueless. Bassuk splits her time between Chicago, New York and Buenos Aires.

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