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Pete Deveni“Should I stay or should I go?” is a question many people ask themselves, now more than ever. Perhaps this sounds like you: do you stay in a role you know and where you like the team or do you explore a new opportunity? When you contemplate a move: are you seeking to escape a not-so-great situation, or is the new job something you really want? This is a question Pete Devenyi, author of the Decoding Your STEM Career and technical executive leader, faced himself and advised others who were at a crossroads in their careers and lives. In this CareerCast, Pete shares how to make the stay-or-go decision with a focused, strategic, and heart-felt perspective, enabling you to advance with courage, confidence, and success.

Aired September 16, 2022

Pete Devenyi spent his thirty-seven-year engineering career working in software and technology development in the fields of networking, telecommunications and logistics. He held senior technical executive positions at large global companies such as RIM and Dematic, leading hundreds of technologists around the world. His overarching goal has always been to develop great products that leave a lasting impact on society. He is an accomplished speaker and the author of the popular book Decoding Your STEM Career.  He earned bachelors and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto and continues to consult actively in the fields of warehouse automation, software development and robotics.

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