Rising to Lead in Challenging Times

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Author Anita MendirattaHave you ever noticed that when a challenge, or even crisis, occurs, some people blame, complain, and run away while others lean in and take full responsibility? What is the difference between the two types of individuals? What is innate and what can be learned? Anita Mendiratta, a trusted and respected global strategic advisor, with a professional foundation in companies like IBM, Unilever, and The Coca-Cola Company would say that there is a powerful inner determination that drives leaders to courageous action. In this CareerCast, Anita shares her knowledge, wisdom, and research-based insights on how to elevate yourself and others and authentically succeed in challenging times.

Aired February 16, 2024

When global leaders are facing crisis or excited to unlock opportunity, they turn to ANITA MENDIRATTA. Globally respected as an executive advisor, author, diplomat, speaker and on-air personality in Tourism and Development, Anita runs a successful London-based international consulting firm ANITA MENDIRATTA & ASSOCIATES - WWW.ANITAMENDIRATTA.COM through which she is trusted to work closely with senior leaders in governments, businesses, and international organisations as a strategic partner central to effective ideation, innovation, collaboration as well as conflict resolution.

Originally from Canada and with international professional foundations with IBM, Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company, Anita possesses over three decades of professional experience across almost all continents with unique expertise in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. As a result of her acutely focused, hands-on and heart-open approach to engaging with leaders across the globe, Anita is admired for having an innate ability to feel the ‘heartbeat’ behind the economic, social, political and environmental dynamics of nations.

Most recently, Anita has taken on a critical role of trusted advisor, guiding leaders and educators for knowledge upliftment and decision-making vital to inclusive, and sustainable recovery of global Travel, Tourism and Aviation in a post-COVID world.

Directly aligned to this position of leadership, Anita is honoured to be:

  • EXECUTIVE IN RESIDENCE at the University of Surrey, UK
  • VISITING PROFESSOR at Cranfield University, UK

Anita’s global impact has resulted in her securing a respected position within the international leadership community including being recognised year after year as a global example of purposeful, inspiring leadership including:

  • 'Most Influential Woman in Tourism’ in 2019,
  • ‘Top 25 Inspirational Executives in Travel/Hospitality’ in 2021,
  • ‘Most Innovative Women Leaders Inspiring the World’ in 2022, and
  • ‘Top 25 Inspirational Executives in Travel/Hospitality’ in 2023.

Importantly, her determination to ensure that her work is making a positive impact on the lives of those does not stop with the work of her firm. Through her UK registered charity, The Anita Mendiratta Foundation, Anita works to restore early childhood education in tourism-based economies and communities around the globe suffering from crisis. Established in 2018, the ANITA MENDIRATTA FOUNDATION has been working across the globe and alongside trusted local organisations to create a lasting, positive impact on the lives of young children, their families, and their communities in dependent on Tourism recover from a crisis. Why? We all know that without warning and without mercy a crisis – natural disaster, economic collapse, social unrest, act of terror, healthcare calamity – can strike. Often the hardest part of recovery is rebuilding community activity and wellbeing once first responders have moved on. Established in 2018, the Anita Mendiratta Foundation works in tourism-dependent countries across the globe, creating a lasting, positive impact on the lives of young children, their families and their communities as they work to recover from a crisis. Through the Foundation’s efforts in rebuilding and strengthening early childhood education and related development programmes, the greater community ecosystem is able to be supported structurally, operationally, financially and emotionally. Anita Mendiratta Foundation are there with the community and for the community, because no child victimised by crisis should be told to wait for hope. For more information please visit anitamendirattafoundation.org.

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The Call to Leadership by Anita Mendiatta book cover

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