Onboarding: Succeeding in a New Job Before You Even Start

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Romberg Ellen Moving into a new position is one of the toughest challenges a businessperson can face. Nearly half of new leaders and managers fail in their first 18 months. Often, failure is the result of crucial mistakes made before a person even starts. In this CareerCast, Ellen Romberg, chief human resources officer of the MacArthur Foundation, shares insights, proven solutions, and innovative approaches for successfully transitioning into a new role.

Aired April 20, 2012

Ellen Romberg is the MacArthur Foundation’s chief human resources officer and oversees the areas of employee relations, benefits, compensation, talent management, and recruiting.

She has spent more than 25 years in human resources and recruiting in the not-for-profit arena. She held lead human resources positions for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Ellen has bachelor and master of music degrees in piano from the American Conservatory of Music and DePaul University, and a master of science degree in human resources from Loyola University Chicago.

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