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Nathan PerezThere is so much that goes into having a networking meeting – from finding the right person to connecting with that person to getting a time on the schedule. There is a lot of time, energy, and logistics that go into making it happen. Then the day comes, you have the meeting, and that’s it. It feels like a dud. Yet, it’s not clear what went wrong. Nathan Perez, Principal, of Career Innovation, professional and keynote speaker, and Co-Author of the 20-Minute Networking Meeting, believes that you need clear prep, a solid plan, and more than a little gratitude. In this CareerCast, Nathan unlocks the mysteries of having an enjoyable, productive, and successful networking meeting that can become the start of an enduring professional relationship.

Aired December 15, 2023

Nathan A. Perez is a multi-award-winning author, national speaker and executive career and job-search coach at Career Innovation, LLC., an executive-career consultancy that works with individuals from all backgrounds and experience levels around the world.

Coming from an unusually unique and diverse professional background, Nathan brings to his clients a rare viewpoint on networking and job search. A formally trained actor with a BFA in Theatre, Nathan’s 20-year career in the arts was supported by simultaneously developing a business career. Utilizing a broad background that covers biker-bartender to an Executive Assistant at Office of the Chairman at Goldman Sachs, Nathan ties together deep interactive audience experience informed by his performance background as a guest webinar-speaker and in-person, interpersonal networking workshops.

In addition to this experience, Nathan has an additional 15 years in the executive search industry, where he worked in the Resarch function. (Nathan was the first step in the executive recruitment process, where he was responsible for finding the candidates for recruitment.)

Co-author of the four, 10x award-winning books The 20-Minute Networking Meeting - Learn to Network. Get a Job., Nathan has earned a diverse speaking and coaching clientele. Due to his diverse professional experience, Nathan regularly works with professionals from nearly all different backgrounds and experience levels. This includes new college grads, non-profit and civic leaders; senior-level corporate executives; Hollywood movie stars; arts producers; sound engineers and fashion designers to name a few.

Nathan is a professional member of the Authors Guild; Actors Equity Association (AEA); and a voting union member of The Screen-Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA). Nathan has also served as Vice Chair at The Loft Literary Center, the nation’s leading literary arts center, and as an Honorary Commander in the 934th Airlift Wing, United States Air Force.

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20 Minute Networking Meeting

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