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Esther Choy What is the role of your career story as you look to change careers, get promoted, or gain funding for a project or venture? Esther Choy, President and Chief Story Facilitator at Leadership Story Lab, would tell you your story should do the heavy lifting. With the proper story, you can gain credibility, open doors, and increase support for your goals and dreams. Yet, many people miss the mark – but don’t have to. In this CareerCast, Esther shares her strong and powerful perspective, wisdom, and practical and actionable ways to help you create influential career stories that can positively accelerate your growth, success, and happiness.

Aired August 16, 2022

Esther started teaching leadership storytelling in 2010, before it was a ‘thing.’

Over the years, through her firm Leadership Story Lab, she’s worked with clients in industries as wide ranging as healthcare, engineering, investment, tech, airlines, and CPG. Esther has combined the science of persuasion and the art of storytelling to help her clients find more meaningful ways to connect with their audiences.

Her business storytelling book, Let the Story Do the Work, quickly shot to #1 New Release on Amazon. She’s currently a contributor for Forbes’ Leadership Strategy channel and gets quoted frequently in leading media outlets such as the New York Times and Entrepreneur.com.

Esther is an adjunct faculty member at Kellogg School of Management and, in partnership with Kellogg’s Ward Center for Family Enterprises, she hosts the Family IN Business podcast.

Every Monday morning, you’ll find Esther beginning her day with a 1000-meter swim and a raw jalapeño. She’s a mom of two trilingual girls, wife of a German who’s not very punctual, and is a very humble student of kitesurfing.

About Leadership Story Lab
Leadership Story Lab coaches leaders in storytelling and helps them become more engaging and persuasive to gain a competitive edge. We have helped leaders get promoted, excel in their jobs, and motivate their teams and customers through storytelling. Learn how you can tell the right story at www.LeadershipStoryLab.com.

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