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Andre Martin

Does it feel harder than it should to find a company where you can thrive? Are you wondering how we could make work, less work? André Martin, operating advisor, board member, ex-Chief Talent Officer for Google/Nike/Target/Mars, and coach to top founders and c-suite executives, would tell you the issue isn’t good or bad culture, but the fit between your ideal way of working day-to-day and that of the companies you join. Finding the right fit, with massive shifts in the workplace, is hard and yet doable. In this CareerCast, André shares his approach, utilizing social science research, innovative practices from progressive companies big and small, and practical day-to-day strategies. You can leverage these to find ways to work and thrive and help your colleagues and teams do the same.

Aired July 21, 2023

André Martin, PhD, is an entrepreneur, operating advisor, board member, organizational psychologist, and coach to top founders and c-suite executives. He has held key C-level leadership roles dedicated to talent, employee engagement, leadership development and culture in some of the biggest consumer brands including Disney, Mars Incorporated, Nike, Target, and Google. Early in his career, he was an enterprise faculty member and senior researcher at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), one of the top executive development firms in the world. 

When he isn’t helping companies grow, Andre is a guest lecturer at top universities and coveted speaker on culture, engagement, design thinking and innovation, a committed husband and father of two wonderful children, an owner of a sustainable mushroom farm in the Ozark Mountains. Otherwise, he be found hiking the rain- soaked trails around Portland with his two English labs (Bode and the Fonz).

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Read an excerpt from Wrong Fit, Right Fit by André Martin, PhD.

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