Expand Your Success with Reciprocal Relationships

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Most people know that strong, endurable relationships increase our knowledge, opportunities, and support. Yet many individuals fail to create sustainable and mutually beneficial associations. In this CareerCast, Melissa Giovagnoli, author and president of Networlding, shares how to create interconnected peer-to-peer collaborative groups to expand your career advancement and success.

Aired November 19, 2009

Melissa Giovagnoli is president of Networlding, a consulting, training, and coaching organization specializing in helping individuals and organizations harness the power of social networks to leverage brand. The organization, which she founded, is focused on: 1) assisting individuals who are interested in licensing the Networlding process; 2) coaching individuals in job transition; 3) helping organizations implement effective social networking and new media initiatives for marketing, business communications, PR, hiring, leadership development, and innovation; and 4) providing publishing services for thought leaders (in the form of blogs, e-books, books, and more). The Networlding process provides the foundation for all of its consulting, training, and coaching support offered by Melissa and her alliance network of some of the most skilled social networking and new media experts in the world. Located in Chicago, Melissa’s organization provides support to thought leaders and fast-growth companies around the world.

Melissa’s keynote and panel talks focus on social networking in the enterprise, optimizing the use of online social networking tools like blogs and sites like LinkedIn, where she has provided training for more than 4,000 professionals over the past seven years. Melissa addresses the overarching question of what is the 20 percent online that can yield the 80 percent return. From her work with thousands of entrepreneurs to her work with dozens of top Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Motorola, UBS, American Express, and Office Depot as well as many mid-sized organizations, Melissa has extensive experience and unlimited creativity to help organizations harness Web 2.0. Melissa is the author or coauthor of 11 books, including Networlding, which was No. 10 on Amazon for a year (in Chicago) and licensed by organizations like Motorola and universities like Yale.

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