Executive Employment and Compensation: An Insider's View

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Adam GreetisDid you know that each offer letter, regardless of the length and formality, could be considered an employment contract? Do you understand the elements and implications of your salary, short and long term incentives, and even the terms and conditions of your leaving the company? Adam J. Greetis, JD and Partner Employee Benefits, Seyfarth Shaw LLP would tell you that it’s crucial to manage the terms of your employment and compensation upfront. Otherwise, you could have challenging issues later on. In the this CareerCast, Adam shares his insight on executive employment and compensation in a rapidly changing environment from the corporations to startup worlds.

Aired October 15, 2021

Adam provides practical, concise solutions to employee benefits and executive compensation legal issues.

Employee benefits and executive compensation arrangements are crucial tools in the war for talent. These arrangements are governed by highly complex, ever-changing technical legal requirements. Adam’s expertise covers the entire spectrum of employee benefits and executive compensation advice, including advice applicable to retirement plans, health and welfare benefits, all forms of executive compensation arrangements and benefits and compensation issues that arise in mergers and acquisitions. Clients look to Adam for his ability to understand and apply these rules to each company's unique business goals and objectives.

Adam listens carefully to his clients' needs and translates the complex, dynamic, and technical legal rules into a simple, practical, and concise plan of action. He understands that often there's a simple answer to what may seem like a complicated employee benefits or executive compensation legal problem. Adam helps clients find those simple answers.

As an active member in the Human Resources Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC) and the Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA), Adam spends a great deal of time meeting, networking with, and speaking to human resources, benefits, and executive compensation practitioners and service providers. He has served on the Board of Directors of HRMAC and chaired or co-chaired many other HRMAC committees, and he serves on the Legal and Legislative Committee of the PSCA. Adam's experience with these groups and his relationships with practitioners and providers allows him to bring real-world, contemporary practical advice to his clients. He is not merely a student of the rules and requirements, but a member of the benefits, executive compensation, and human resources community who truly understands the importance and impact of his advice and recommendations. Adam has deep relationships with senior human resource professionals and communicates with them not only about his area of law, but also about their careers and goals.

Adam regularly interfaces with representatives of the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, Securities Exchange Commission, and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation. These relationships allow Adam to more fully understand what solutions and advice clients truly need and appreciate. His relationships to administrative agencies also give him an understanding of more nuanced aspects of benefits and executive compliance, such as where these agencies are focusing their time and attention, and what issues are less of a concern to them. This information and these relationships allow Adam to focus his advice and recommendations, and to help his clients identify matters of genuine concerns.

Adam delivers advice crisply and concisely. He appreciates that clients want direction and help making decisions. Most clients don't need a long-winded recitation of legal requirements. He knows these requirements, and is happy to share them when the situation warrants that level of communication, but he knows that's not always the case.

Adam loves being part of a firm with a practical, client-focused approach to the practice of law. He has a deep interest in technology and how it can improve the delivery of legal services. Adam has personally developed technology tools with Seyfarth's in-house technology team which have made the delivery of his advice faster and simpler. Adam is also a member of Seyfarth's Blockchain Steering Committee, and he has written and spoken about the intersection of technology and the law.