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Craig Wortmann How do you achieve your career goals? How do you articulate your value to those you can help in the short and long term? According to Craig Wortmann, clinical faculty at Chicago Booth, CEO of Experience, and author of What’s Your Story, it all comes down to your story. In this Career Cast, Craig shares his knowledge, wisdom, and practical experience on how to craft a compelling professional story to help you advance in your career and life.

Aired December 16, 2011

Craig Wortmann brings 20 years of experience in sales and marketing strategy to the classroom at Chicago Booth through his Entrepreneurial Selling course. Currently he serves as the CEO of Experience, a firm that helps companies build their sales and marketing engines. Prior to founding Experience, Wortmann conducted a turnaround of an interactive marketing agency and sold it successfully in a six-month timeframe. Wortmann also served for nine years as the CEO of WisdomTools, an e-learning software and consulting firm. While at WisdomTools his clients ranged from McDonald’s to the New York Stock Exchange to Walgreens and beyond.

Furthermore, Wortmann’s background includes strategic sales and marketing experience at IBM, a Dean Witter company, and the Forum Corporation, a leading global training consultancy.

Outside of the classroom and the office, Wortmann is both a writer and a professional speaker. He authored a book about using stories as performance tools titled What’s Your Story? and speaks on the subjects of leadership, selling, and entrepreneurship. He also collaborates with his wife and two kids on building the future.

Wortmann earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

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