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Nuala Walsh Are you working through a (big or small) decision and have so much information that you are stuck? On top of this, which information is reliable, credible, and useful? Nuala Walsh, award-winning business consultant, behavioral scientist, independent non-executive director, ex-CMO, and author of Tune In: How to make smarter decisions in a noisy world, would tell you to learn how to hear what others don’t and secure an advantage – in your career and life. In this CareerCast, Nuala shares her successful approach to equipping yourself with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to make more effective decisions for now and into the future.

Aired March 15, 2024

Nuala Walsh is an award-winning business consultant, behavioural scientist, independent non-executive director and ex-CMO.

As MindEquity CEO, she consults with Fortune 500 firms, human rights and sports associations on strategy, reputation, culture and behaviour change.

Recognised among the 100 Most Influential Women in Finance, her 30-year distinguished investments career includes leadership positions at BlackRock, Merrill Lynch and Standard Life Aberdeen where she served as chief marketing officer, architecting the first global Ryder Cup sponsorship deal in its history.

A founding director of the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists, she also serves as president of the Harvard Club of Ireland, and chair of the Innocence Project London. Former vice-chair of UN Women (UK), current appointments include council member at The Football Association, non-executive director at the British & Irish Lions and Basketball Ireland, advisor at World Athletics and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments.

Reaching millions through a popular TEDx talk about Overcoming Indecision and 100+ articles written for Forbes, Inc and Psychology Today, her insights feature in the Financial Times, BBC World Series, Harvard Business Review and Fox Business.

Nuala is a visiting lecturer on business, criminology, finance and decision science at INSEAD, the London School of Economics, and Harvard Kennedy School. Trained in forensic psychology and holding a degree in philosophy from Trinity College Dublin, she also earned two first-class masters degrees in business studies, and behavioural science.

Tune In: How to make smarter decisions in a noisy world by Nuala Walsh (2024)

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