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Peter Bregman Are you super busy and not accomplishing goals that are important to you? Know that you are not alone. Peter Bregman, author of Four Seconds: All the Time You Need to Stop Unproductive Habits and Get the Results You Want, believes that a key to success is pausing for as few as four seconds to break bad habits and form more productive ones. In this CareerCast, Bregman shares his approach, perspective, and usable advice to accelerate your goal achievement.

Aired March 17, 2015

Peter Bregman is the CEO of Bregman Partners, Inc., a company that strengthens leadership in people and in organizations. He is the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, winner of the Gold Medal from the Axiom Business Book Awards, named the Best Business Book of the Year on NPR, and selected by Publisher’s Weekly and the New York Post as a top 10 business book. He is also the author of Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change and contributor to five other books. Featured on PBS, ABC, and CNN, Bregman is a regular contributor to, Fast Company, Forbes, National Public Radio (NPR), Psychology Today, and CNN, as well as a weekly commentator on Fox Business News.

Bregman bases his work on the notion that an organization, at its core, is a platform for talent. By unleashing that talent, focusing it on business results, and aligning it with a compelling vision, both the individual and the organization thrive. Bregman earned a BA from Princeton University and an MBA from Columbia University. Visit his website at

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Peter Bregman Four Seconds

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