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Author Kelly D Parker

How do you create an authentic story that establishes your credibility, talents, and fit? While there is no easy answer, Kelly Parker, marketing professional trained at global enterprises like Sherwin-Williams and American Greetings, TEDx speaker, and host of “Business Storytelling Made Easy” Podcast, believes that a simple, well-told story can help you pivot your career, receive a promotion, and land funding for you startup. Yet many people create stories that just do not work. In this CareerCast, Kelly shares how to understand your talents, skills, and areas of positive differentiation, elevate your message to reach your audience, and do so with honesty, integrity, and sincerity.

Aired August 18, 2023

Kelly D. Parker empowers leaders to turn followers into devoted fans with the power of storytelling. Her consulting firm teaches marketing and sales teams how to create memorable messages that effectively communicate the unique value of their products and company.

A marketing professional trained at global enterprises such as Sherwin-Williams and American Greetings, Kelly believes that a simple, well-told story can raise profits, reshape culture, and revive a brand’s reputation.

A TEDx speaker and sought after keynote speaker for more than 15 years, Kelly’s presentations and trainings mix motivation with instruction and offer streamlined systems and frameworks that equip attendees to quickly apply the techniques they learn.

Kelly hosts the “Business Storytelling Made Easy” Podcast, where she interviews renowned experts and industry leaders and teaches listeners the easy way to create and convey unforgettable stories.

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Kelly Parker on Ted Talk stage

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