Conducting an Effective Global Job Search

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Mary Anne Thompson Conducting a cross-regional job search can be daunting without solid commitment, strong determination, and the endurance of a marathoner. In this CareerCast, author, lecturer, and founder Mary Anne Thompson shares her knowledge, multiregion experience, and insights on how to be taken seriously during a global job search, leverage your skills and experience, and create an effective on-the-ground presence.

Aired April 17, 2008

Mary Anne Thompson is an author and lecturer throughout Europe on a wide range of topics crucial to developing global employment strategies and the founder of, a website providing international country-specific career information and services. Her career advice is featured in numerous publications, including Jobline, Europe’s largest online employment network. In addition, she provides market research, strategic planning, and intercultural business communication training for companies interested in global market expansion. An American, Thompson is also a lawyer and government relations specialist, with 14 years of experience working with the federal government and private industry in Washington, DC. She served as an attorney and advisor to President Ronald Reagan in the White House and for Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole.

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