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Brad Harrington Career-life fit is no longer a nice idea, but an integral part of career management, human capital planning, and organizational success. In this CareerCast, Brad Harrington shares his insights, strategies, and successful approaches to personal and organizational Career Life Fit. Brad is the executive director of the Boston College Center for Work & Family (CWF), a research professor and faculty member in the organization studies department of the Carroll School of Management, and author of Career Management and Work/Life Integration: Using Self-Assessment to Navigate Contemporary Careers.

Aired July 17, 2008

Brad Harrington is the executive director of the Boston College Center for Work & Family (CWF) and a research professor and faculty member in the organization studies department of the Carroll School of Management. In his role as the center’s executive director, he is responsible for the center’s research, corporate partnerships, and education strategy. Prior to his present role at the university, Brad served as associate director of the Center for Corporate Citizenship.

Prior to arriving at Boston College, Brad was an executive with Hewlett-Packard Company for 20 years. He served in a wide range of leadership assignments in the United States and Europe. His roles included corporate director of global management and organization development, chief quality officer and member of the Executive Committee for HP’s medical products business, quality director for HP United Kingdom, Ltd., education manager for European operations, and a number of division human resource management positions in the United States. Brad began his career in the public sector as a counselor in Department of Labor job training programs. He has consulted with many major corporations and health-care organizations in the areas of strategic planning and organizational change.

In his faculty role, Brad’s teaching in the Graduate School of Management focuses on career management and work-life integration and the management of organizational change. His research interests are career management, mobilizing and leading organizational change, and contemporary workforce management strategies. He is a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at professional conferences and business schools and has published a number of articles and book chapters. Along with Professor Douglas T. Hall of Boston University, he wrote Career Management and Work/Life Integration: Using Self-Assessment to Navigate Contemporary Careers (Sage Publications, 2007). In 2006, Brad was named as one of the “10 Most Influential Men in the Work-Life Field” by a national work/life publication. In addition to his work at the university, Brad also serves on the advisory board of the International Centre of Work and Family at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Stonehill College, a master’s degree in psychology from Boston College, and a doctorate in human resource development and organization development from Boston University. He is married to Dr. Anne Soisson, a senior learning and teaching specialist at Tufts University, and they are the parents of three children, Maggie, Hannah, and Dillon.

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Brad Harrington Career Management and Work Life Integration

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