Learn from the Leaders in Strategic Management

Today, smart strategies and market insights driven by data are more critical than ever. Our Strategy, Innovation, and Analytics programs focus on stimulating growth by applying sharp, strategic skills to business decisions. These programs help frame opportunities by learning how to think like a strategist, drive digital transformation to meet customer demands, and envision next-generation innovation.  

Oftentimes, those in the fields of marketing, business development, sales, innovation, digital technologies, R&D and operations will find these programs beneficial, as well as senior leaders who drive the strategic direction of their organization. 

Advanced Strategy Program: Building and Implementing Growth Strategies

Strengthen your corporate strategy by developing a strong strategic intuition with emphasis scanning for patterns, analyzing what makes your organization great, and assessing what the competition is doing

Digital Innovation Strategy and Management—Live-Online

Learn the tools to frame opportunities and challenges, gain actionable frameworks for defining and driving digital strategy, and envision next-generation innovation strategies for sustainable growth.

The Chicago Booth Competitive Strategy Program—Live-Online

Identify your organization’s competitive edge and market positioning to effectively compete in today's modern business world.

Executive Program in Corporate Strategy

Strengthen yourself as a leader by adding strategic value to your organization. You'll learn techniques to understand the competitive structure of an industry and a company's competitive advantage.

Leading with Data and Analytics—Online 

Learn how to improve business outcomes by leverage analytics to make evidence-based decisions.

Marketing Analytics to Drive Growth

Acquire the analytical frameworks to increase ROI and improve your decision-making process based on customer insights.

Pricing: Strategy and Tactics

Learn how to strategically manage pricing to defend or increase your profitability, even in highly competitive markets.

New Product Innovation, Development, and Implementation Strategies 

This program provides the frameworks, tools, and perspectives to help develop and market new products.

Strategic Thinking—Hong Kong 

Acquire strategic thinking frameworks to recognize how industry changes are impacting your business—and determine the critical capabilities required to preserve and grow business as disruptive changes occur.

Strategic Thinking—Live-Online

Gain the foundational skills in strategic thinking to effectively navigate your organization through turbulent times, and acquire frameworks to anticipate threats, innovate, and explore new opportunities.