Marketing Analytics to Drive Growth

Acquire analytical frameworks to increase ROI and improve your decision-making process based on customer insights. You’ll be equipped to make data-driven, insightful decisions in an increasingly analytical world.

In this program, you'll acquire analytical frameworks to increase ROI and improve your decision-making process based on customer insights. You’ll be equipped with the frameworks to make data-driven, insightful decisions in an increasingly analytical world.

By attending the program, you will:

  • Master a strategic and scientific approach to marketing analytics that results in higher ROI.
  • Gain an understanding of how to use and interpret data for more precise strategic and tactical marketing decision-making.
  • Learn how to make marketing spending more accountable and improve return on marketing investment.
  • Apply analytical frameworks for evaluating marketing strategies with a focus on value creation, customer analysis, product positioning, pricing, communications, and sales force management.
  • Discover how to use algorithmic tools to further digital and non-digital marketing goals.
  • Explore untapped opportunities for big data in your firm’s marketing strategies.

The program is offered in a convenient three-day format so you do not need to take extended time away from the office.


Chicago Booth, Gleacher Center, Chicago, IL

Concepts learned will be particularly useful for:

  • Mid- to senior-level executives responsible for translating marketing data into action and profits in B2B and B2C companies
  • Marketing, sales, brand and product managers, financial directors
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to focus their marketing spend
  • Executives who want to broaden their marketing analytics expertise

Jean-Pierre Dubé

James M. Kilts, Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing and Charles E. Merrill Faculty Scholar

Jean-Pierre Dubé is the Sigmund E. Edelstone Professor of Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Professor Dubé is also director of the Kilts Center for Marketing at the Booth School and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. From 2008-2010, he was a research consultant for the Yahoo! Microeconomics Research group. He has been working as a research consultant with Amazon since 2018.

His research interests lie at the intersection of industrial organization and quantitative marketing. He has conducted empirical studies on the formation of consumer preferences for branded goods, price discrimination, advertising, food deserts and nutrition policy, and the role of misinformation in consumer demand. This empirical focus is also reflected in his MBA course on pricing strategies, which is designed to teach students how to apply marketing models and analytics to develop pricing strategies in practice. Several of his recent research projects are in collaboration with companies in the US and in China.

Dubé’s work has been published in the The American Economic Review, Econometrica, The Journal of Marketing Research, The Journal of Political Economy, Management Science, Marketing Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, the Quarterly Journal of Economics and The Rand Journal of Economics. He is an area/associate editor for The Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, and Quantitative Marketing and Economics. He was the recipient of the Chicago Booth class of 2016 Phoenix Award for service to the extracurricular and community activities of the graduating class, the 2008 Paul E. Green Award for Best paper in the Journal of Marketing Research and of the 2005 Faculty Teaching Excellence Award for Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Programs at the Chicago Booth. He was also the recipient of several MSI Research Grants, a Kauffman grant, and a Yahoo! Faculty Research Grant.

Dubé earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto in quantitative methods in economics in 1995, a master's degree in economics in 1996, and a PhD in 2000 from Northwestern University. He joined the Chicago Booth faculty in 2000.

Sanjog Misra

Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing

Sanjog Misra is the Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Marketing at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. His research focuses on the use of machine learning, deep learning and structural econometric methods to study consumer and firm decisions. In particular, his research involves building data-driven models aimed at understanding how consumers make choices and investigating firm decisions pertaining to pricing, targeting and salesforce management issues. More broadly, Professor Misra is interested in the development of scalable algorithms, calibrated on large-scale data, and the implementation of such algorithms in real world decision environments.

Professor Misra currently serves as Co-Editor of Quantitative Marketing and Economics and as Associate Editor at Management Science and the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics. He has also served as an Associate Editor at Marketing Science, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, the International Journal of Research in Marketing and the Journal of Marketing Research. Professor Misra is actively involved in partnering with firms in his research and has worked on various projects with companies such as Oath, Verizon, Eli Lilly, Adventis, Mercer Consulting, Sprint, MGM, Bausch & Lomb, Xerox Corporation, Ziprecruiter and Lucent Technologies with the aim of helping them design efficient, analytics-based, management systems that result in better decisions. He currently serves as an advisor to several startups in the marketing technology, measurement and AI space. At Booth Professor Misra teaches courses on Algorithmic Marketing. These courses bring his practical and research expertise in the algorithmic marketing domain into the classroom. He is hopeful that these classes will get students ready for the next evolution of marketing that he believes is already underway.

Prior to joining Booth, Misra was Professor of Marketing at UCLA Anderson School of Management and Professor at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. In addition he has been visiting faculty at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University and the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.

Economic Value to the Consumer (EVC)

  • Providing a substantive derivation of value
  • Measuring value and the underlying willingness-to-pay by the customer
  • Generating the value proposition
  • Quantitative analysis for launching pricing and marketing in a new venture

Demand and Optimal Marketing Decision

  • Using the EVC framework to study product demand and the marketer’s decision-making process

Demand Estimation: Conjoint Analysis

  • Estimating EVC for products with intangible benefits
  • Producing estimates of customer willingness-to-pay
  • Customer profiling and segmentation
  • Pricing and product configuration decisions

Demand Estimation: Marketing Mix Models and Elasticity Analysis

  • Regression analysis to estimate demand
  • The incremental effects of marketing variables
  • Measuring return-on-investment from marketing decisions
  • Formulating a pricing dashboard

Segments and Targeting

  • Targeting across customer segments for profitability
  • Personalizing to individual customers

Marketing to the Lifetime Value of the Customer

  • Coordinate marketing decisions and costs with the long-term cash-flows from the customer
  • Trade-off between current marketing expenses and longer-term returns
  • Customer as an asset

Big Data and Big Analytics

  • Data Types and Value
  • Machine Learning and Marketing
  • Building up the Analytic function

Algorithmic Marketing

  • Product Recommendation Systems
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Message & Content Optimization
  • Salesforce Analytics

Measurement Analytics

  • A/B Testing
  • Bandits
  • Multi-Touch Attribution
  • Unified Measurement: MMM+MTA

Application at Scale

  • Pricing at Scale
  • Promotion Targeting
  • Managing Analytics

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the approach of the program. Working with big data can be challenging if you do not think through what questions to ask and answer; this changed my perspective and I’m looking forward to driving innovation based on these learnings.

—Joe Veverka, Program Manager, Microsoft

J.P. was a very engaging, energetic and fun professor that made you want to engage and learn.  Analytics piece is FANTASTIC!  Sanjog can make the complex enjoyable, simple and enticing to understand and use.

—Jason Altwies, Market Research & Analytics, Consolidated Metco

The quality of education is indisputably excellent and the overall experience inspires participants to lead transformations in their organizations successfully.  It is a highly motivating program!

—Alan Flores, Executive Director, Corporation Flores

The course did exceed my expectations...I can't wait to take (the concepts) back to work.

—Herwin Gill, Finance Director, Digital Investments, American Express Company
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