Attending AMP poises executives for the highest levels of leadership.

As an executive aspiring to innovate, drive growth, and create value, it's essential to invest in cultivating your business acumen and honing your personal brand as a leader. Returning to the classroom is an effective way to move to the next level, even when you've already achieved a senior-level position. An Advanced Management Program (AMP) from a top business school is specifically designed to meet the needs of seasoned leaders who are focused on rising to the next level of leadership. 

AMP is a rigorous non-degree executive education program aimed at developing senior executives such as vice presidents, general managers, C-suite, executive directors, and managing partners. "I had many years of experience under my belt, so I was looking for a targeted program that would allow me to select areas of interest to further my career," says David Jarrett, Partner at Crowe Horwath and Booth AMP participant.

The program's length is designed to accommodate busy global executives who need to lead their company simultaneously. The curriculum moves beyond business fundamentals and focuses on incorporating one's experiential knowledge and taking leadership to the next level. Participants hone their ability to lead and inspire everyone from direct reports to entry-level workers to stakeholders within the business community -- and come away with greater self-awareness, stronger relationships, and the ability to create lasting value.

Chicago Booth’s AMP program is unique in that it allows executives to focus on the business disciplines most relevant to them. The curriculum combines advanced leadership instruction with elective sessions to help round out business skills in those areas where an executive feels they need it the most. Elective topics include finance, marketing, and strategy. Acquiring these new skills gives participants additional confidence in their abilities as a general manager overseeing multiple teams and functions.

"The flexibility of the program is one of the key reasons I chose AMP. Not only was I intrigued by the topics of the core sessions, but I also liked being able to pick additional electives focusing on specific subject areas that aligned with the changes that our organization faces," says Tina Saiz, VP Strategic Planning/Business Operations of Westell Technologies.

An AMP from an elite school doesn't just add new skills and prestige to a resume — it provides a network of other executives and an executive coach you can leverage to solve your most pressing, intractable problems. "Many participants in our core class have either undergone or are undergoing similar challenges. Part of the value of the program is that the professors give you the tools and frameworks for improved leadership and strategic thinking, while your peers relate their experiences with what has and has not worked for them," says Ms. Saiz. 

An AMP often results in higher career satisfaction as you grow as a leader not only of your team and organization but of your community. The transformative experience allows you to step back and think deeply about your legacy as a leader. “The experience allowed me to understand that I gained something much more important to my development as a person and a professional," says Mark Mowat, managing director of Frontier Capital.

Good leaders always have their teams’ professional development top-of-mind, but their own enrichment can become a casualty with all their responsibilities. However, in today's environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), which is constantly changing, executives must position themselves to lead their organizations into the future. Programs can such as AMP provide the rigor, support, and flexible timetable to lead and thrive during these changing times.

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"I had many years of experience under my belt, so I was looking for a targeted program that would allow me to select areas of interest to further my career."— David Jarrett, Partner at Crowe Horwath and Booth AMP past participant.

The Advanced Management Program

Chicago Booth's Advanced Management Program is the only senior executive program that allows you to customize your curriculum to personalize your learning experience to meet your and your organization's goals.