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Current Projects

Current Clients & Projects

Chicago Foundation for Women Logo

The Chicago Foundation for Women (CFW) envisions a world in which all women, girls, trans, and gender non-binary people have the opportunity to thrive in safe, just, and healthy communities. Last year, CFW funded more than 160 projects, serving more than 70,000 people in the Chicago region.

Project type: Financial Management, Systems Recommendation

Project description: CFW’s current financial analysis and development systems are not integrated. BANC consultants will evaluate the existing financial accounting and reporting infrastructure, identify gaps/needs, and recommend an integrated financial accounting/reporting solution.  This will provide the foundation for the organization to develop and implement a comprehensive financial dashboard in the future. 

     Comer Education Campus Logo

Comer Education Campus helps youth prepare to be well rounded global citizens who are ready for college and careers. Comer addresses challenges in education equity, health equity and community investment by providing academic opportunities, wrap around services including internships and early career exploration, and access to programs and work at the Comer farm and culinary services

Project type:  Strategic Implementation Plan for New Program

Project description: Comer is creating a Career Pathways initiative to best position high school graduates to succeed. The new initiative will focus on pathways in Health, IT, Construction/ Technical trades, and provide foundational skills in areas such as communications and digital literacy. BANC will develop a strategic implementation plan. The team will conduct market research, including interviews with stakeholders, analyze best practices at peer organizations and identify key metrics to define the program’s success as part of the implementation plan.

Glen Ellyn Food Pantry, Inc. Logo

The Glen Ellyn Food Pantry is dedicated to providing nutritional food to a diverse clientele at risk of hunger. In 2020, 39% of the clientele were children.

Project type: Strategic Plan for New Location

Project description: The Glen Ellyn Food Pantry will move to a new, larger location this year. The new space offers opportunities to offer new services. BANC consultants will create the framework for a 5 year strategic growth plan. The goal is to balance growth initiatives while understanding and enhancing capacity. 

Leukemia Research Foundation Logo

The Leukemia Research Foundation (LRF) has been dedicated to conquering all blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, MDS) by funding research into their causes and cures and enriching the quality of life of those impacted by these diseases. LRF has supported over 600 projects worldwide. Starting July 1, 2022, LRF will implement its strategic plan and shift its focus to only leukemia, becoming the only nonprofit dedicated solely to leukemia research and to supporting leukemia patients.

Project type: Performance Measurement, KPI, Dashboard Design

Project description: LRF’s strategic pivot to focus only on leukemia will have a huge impact on many aspects of its operations, making it critical to get good quality data to gauge progress. BANC consultants will identify the most important KPIs that will demonstrate organizational progress/ success, including tracking the long term success of LRF research grants (typically awarded for one year). The team will deliver a mockup dashboard that will offer a visual interface to track progress across the organization.

Loaves&Fishes Logo

Loaves & Fishes Community Services is the biggest food pantry in Illinois, annually serving over 19,000 individuals, utilizing a hub and spoke system and a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Loaves & Fishes is committed to providing healthy food to clients and offering impactful programs that promote immediate and long-term well being.

Project type: Operations, IT

Project description: Unlike traditional grocers, Loaves & Fishes must manage unpredictable deliveries of perishable and non-perishable foods, and match them to client needs. BANC consultants will assess the existing inventory systems, process map inventory flow, identify needs and recommend a food inventory management system that can optimize priorities, streamline operations and give timely feedback. 

Serenity House Counseling Services, Inc. Logo

Serenity House Counseling Services, Inc. provides substance abuse treatment to hundreds of individuals and families, with a holistic approach focused on developing skills that are necessary to become productive members of communities. Over the past 35 years, Serenity House has grown to serve increasing needs in DuPage and Kane counties.

Project type:  Strategic Growth Plan

Project description: Serenity House is seeking a strategic growth plan for the next stage in its evolution, in light of the dynamic landscape of providers in its geographic service area. BANC consultants will review the existing programs, conduct comprehensive market analysis, define strategic issues and goals, and recommend next steps, including whether to buy, partner or grow organically.