Alumni Directory FAQs

In collaboration with the greater University, a new Chicago Booth Alumni Directory has been created with a new look and feel. This directory developed exclusively for alumni, faculty, and students is a tool to help reconnect with classmates and friends, and grow your professional network. 

Q: Why a new directory?

A: The previous directory platform had expired and could no longer be supported effectively.  However, the new directory has been developed with many of the same features. Similarities include: 

  • Search for information on alumni in a variety of ways
  • Easily log in using a preferred social provider without having to remember specific names or password
  • Quickly update your profile and message other users

Q: What’s changed?

A: There’s a few new changes to the overall experience.  They are: 

  • Due to University confidentiality and data security policy, certain contact information items (i.e. phone number and email address) are now hidden on default.  Alumni can update their profile and manage the visibility to many of these items by logging into the directory and making the changes on your own, or contact the Chicago Booth Alumni Relations team to request the change to your email. If you have already provided permission to show your email address via the Alumni Census project, no further action is needed and it will be reflected soon.
  • CNET ID is no longer a login option. Users who previously used CNET ID or wish to sign in with a new social provider, may be required to create a new user account, one time only. 
  • The ability to search on industry and field will be added in early 2021. Booth students will have access to the Alumni Directory, but will not be listed.  To see students, alumni can log in to the Student Directory.
Q: How do I access the new directory for the first time? 

A: To access the directory, please click here.

New users can sign in using a preferred social provider for immediate access.  For an alternate option to login, create a new account by clicking on the Create New link on the login page.  A notification email with instructions will be sent within 1-2 business days for access.

Q: How can I make my email visible now?

A: Due to University policy certain contact information, such as email address is now hidden on default.   To request that your email address be visible in the directory, please contact Chicago Booth Alumni Relations.

*We’re working to improve this.  By early 2021, all users will be able to make email visibility changes on their own.

Q: Who can I search and see in the directory? 

A: Users can search and view all Booth alumni who have allowed their name and information to be visible within the directory. If your search results are missing names, certain individuals have selected to opt out of directories and other public displays of information.  If this is in error or you would like to change the visibility of your profile information, contact Chicago Booth Alumni Relations. To search on students, please access the Student Directory.  

Q: How to message other users?

A: To message other users, select another alumni profile and click on the Send Message button. An email pop up option will appear and allow you to send a message with a subject line.  These messages will be sent directly to the users within the directory and to their preferred email inbox.  Respondents do not need to login to the directory to reply to messages.

Q: How to update my profile information and photo?

A: To update your profile information, log into the directory and click on My Account at the top of the directory screen.   You can update information and make items hidden or visible.  To upload a profile photo, click on the photo placeholder next to the greeting.  

Q: What if my profile or other profiles are not searchable? 

A: FERPA holds placed on student records can carry over to their alumni records. If you wish to lift the FERPA hold, please go to Or, you can also contact the Office of the University Registrar directly at to request a lift to the FERPA hold.  Check the privacy tab in your directory account to confirm this hold is still in affect and to view instructions on how to change or lift the hold. 

Q: Who should I contact for additional questions or issues? 

A: If you have issues logging into directory, or wish to change your login credentials, please contact the Chicago Booth Helpdesk or by phone at +1 773-702-7414 Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m. CDT.








Alumni to Know
  • R. Michael Carruthers

    Elevation Oncology, a New York–based clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, announced the appointment of R. Michael Carruthers, ’93 (XP-62), to its board of directors.

  • Yifan Li

    Yifan Li, ’00, has been named CFO of Human Horizons, a Shanghai-based technology company committed to intelligent mobility.

  • Maria Siambekos

    ArborMetrix, a provider of healthcare analytics solutions in Ann Arbor, Michigan, announced the appointment of Maria Siambekos, ’04, as CEO.

  • Allison Weil

    Allison Weil, MBA ’17, MPP ’17, has been promoted to partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, an early stage venture capital firm based in Chicago.

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