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In recent weeks, Chicago Booth Review has published several new pandemic-related articles that feature research from the Rustandy Center and the Kilts Center. Booth faculty continue to make regular media appearances to comment on policy and COVID-19's economic impact. In the weeks ahead, alumni experts will explore similar topics at our virtual Booth Women Connect and Road to Economic Recovery events. Find more details below.

COVID-19 Research and Insights from Chicago Booth Review

How real-time data can help target policy in a pandemic
Regional differences in consumption highlight how up-to-the-minute data could help shape a policy response, finds PhD student Benedict Guttman-Kenney.

How policy makers could address the food-insecurity epidemic
A combination of marketing and public policy could help alleviate food insecurity in the US, according to research based on data from the Kilts Center.

India's economic recovery from its COVID-19 lockdown
Research coauthored by Marianne Bertrand and Rebecca Dizon-Ross for the Rustandy Center explores how India's economy behaved during and after its national lockdown.

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Select Thought Leadership in the Media

WFH is onstage and here to stay
February 24 | Macroblog: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Steven J. Davis and his co-researchers outline their findings of working from home in the post-pandemic economy.

Market design to accelerate COVID-19 vaccine supply
February 24 | Science
Research from Canice Prendergast and Eric Budish sheds light on why governments should contract with vaccine producers to further expand capacity.

Pritzker's tax plan: Closing corporate tax loopholes, or 'the best way to shoot yourself in the foot?'
February 19 | Chicago Tribune
Governor Pritzker's proposed tax changes could hurt businesses with large pandemic losses, but those tend to be bigger companies with more resources, John Gallemore suggests.

Former Federal Reserve governor Randall Kroszner talks new federal stimulus
February 16 | Yahoo! Finance
As the US faces record unemployment amid the pandemic, the Fed plans to keep interest rates near zero while continuing to expand its balance sheet. Randall Kroszner weighs in.

Austan Goolsbee on reflation and COVID relief
February 16 | Bloomberg Markets
Austan Goolsbee speaks about reflation and the need for stimulus.

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COVID-19 Content across Campus

A Meeting of the Minds: Economics East and West
Read takeaways from our recent virtual event with Austan Goolsbee and UChicago's Dali Yang on how COVID-19, trade tensions, and climate change are affecting the US and China.

COVID's impact on women in the workplace
Read key takeaways from the Women in the Workplace study that will be discussed at the upcoming Booth Women Connect event on March 10.

Health is wealth
Booth's new Healthcare Initiative uses analytical and humanistic approaches to make a positive impact on the health-care industry.

How embracing uncertainty can help policymakers during a pandemic
UChicago News: To create better policies to address complex problems like COVID-19, Lars Peter Hansen argues for decision theory.

China in today's world: China's new economic growth and inward out outward circulations
A recent BFI seminar featured a discussion with Chang-Tai Hsieh and Zhiguo He on COVID-10's long-term impact on China's economy.

Virtual Events

Women in the workplace
March 10
At this virtual Booth Women Connect event, a panel of expert alumna will discuss what impact the worldwide pandemic has had on women in the workplace.

The vaccine revolution: How did it happen and what's next?
March 17
Randall Kroszner will lead a fireside discussion with Moderna CFO David Meline, '86, about the impact of healthcare and vaccine distribution on the global economy.