Seattle, Washington | Sept. 14

Catch up with former classmates, meet new colleagues, share memories of your Booth experiences, and find out what's new as you raise a glass together in Seattle.

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When and Where

Celebrate Worldwide Booth Night with fellow alumni by enjoying drinks in a beautiful setting.


Time: 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Location:  Russell Investments Center 
 1301 2nd Avenue - 17th Floor 
  Seattle, WA 98101 

Contact the Host(s): Kristin Gallagher

Contact Chicago Booth Staff: Caitlin Andersen 

Cost: $15 and includes food and drinks

What are you most looking forward to celebrating at Worldwide Booth Night 2017?

“I am looking forward to reconnecting with alumni.”

—Tahir Khan

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Nick Furney 2014 Amazon
Kirit Marwah 2016 Amazon
Laura Lundbeck 2008 Amazon
Lisa Cavallari 1997 Russell Investments
David Watanabe 1993 Microsoft
Caroline Goles 1997 Microsoft Corpporation
peter sauerborn 1995 Amazon
Siva Rajaraman 2016 Amazon
Jensen Vessels 2018 Redbox
Fauzul Kibria 2013 Microsoft Corp
Christopher Hrdlicka 2010 University of Washington
Vik Reddy 2007 Amazon
Andrea Ramirez 2016 Amazon
James Yoon 2018 Adobe
Emma Rotenberg 2016 Amazon
Rubens Feroz 2012 ORIX Growth Capital
David Olson 1998 none
Shruti Mathure 2013 Amazon
Watson Srivathsan 2019 microsoft corp
Stacey Donahue 1997 King 5 TV NBC
Jonathan Saurage 2010 US Bank
Jessica McCoy 2017 none
Sean Sternbach 2012 Amazon
Carl Myers 1986 Switch Healthcare
Christopher Richling 2014 none
Garrett Glanz 2000 Amazon
Tahir Khan 2016 Amazon
Geoffrey Winkler 2014 Amazon
Vijay Sharma 2015 Amazon
Mark Bauman 1993 Aviation Technical Services
Manya Garg 2017 Microsoft Corporation
Denyse Skipper 2018 Google
Cord Frieden 2004 none
Luis De la Cerda 2016 BCG
Ann Murray 2017 Amazon
Denny Meadows 1987 SilverFern Advisory
Susan Smoley 1989 U.S.Army Corps of Engineers
Charles Wartemberg 2014 Microsoft
Alex Ronstadt 2004
Wayne Lau 1974 Rainier Valley Community Development Fund
Martin Stever 1998 Pacific West Land, LLC
Murali Rajamani 2013, Inc.
Shameek Biswas 2017 Celgene
Suneet Khanna 2013 Mu Sigma
Prashant Trehan 2017 Amazon
Cory Burns 2012 Revel Consulting
Matthew Sidley 2017 Amazon
Dorothy Atewologun 2015 Amazon
Jessica Peet 2014
Cindy Dai 2017 Liberty Mutual
Alex Baldwin 2008 OfferUp
Matthew Bomberger 2001 Phase Next Capital
Son Nguyen 2014 none
Daniel Tuller 2017 Amazon
Becca Yang 2016 Microsoft
Kelly Nguyen 2017 Amazon
Nabeela Alidina 2016 Amazon
Nipun Mahajan 2017 Amazon
Srividya Pandya 2015 Amazon
Kristin Gallagher 2008 Russell Investments
Rebecca Godbey 2015 Amazon
Connie Kanter 1983 Seattle University
Lydia Carle 2017 Microsoft
Calvin Wu 2013 SAP
Danielle Young 2007 1975
sean lobo 2009 Vulcan Capital
Blake Shepard 2004 Microsoft Corporation
Maayan Aharon 2017 Amazon corporate llc
Femi Akinde 2008 Azuqua
Andrea Zechmann 2018 Eat Purely
Geoff Fisher Amazon
Giovanna Burns D.A. Davidson
Juliann Richling
Andrew Peet Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
Shams Juma Quantifye
Kate Boatman
Michelle Bomberger Equinox Business Law Group
Clark Kibler 2011 OfferUp
Paritosh Kumar 2016 Amazon
Arnaud Comet 2010 Microsoft Corporation