Madrid, Spain | Sept. 26

Catch up with former classmates, meet new colleagues, share memories of your Booth experiences, and find out what's new as you raise a glass together in Madrid.

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Register for Madrid event

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When and Where

Join us for a happy hour celebration on Worldwide Booth Night, featuring drinks, conversation, and camaraderie in Madrid.


Time: 8:30 - 11:00 PM
Location: Patio de Chamberí
Plaza de Chamberí 2 , 28010 Madrid
Alumni Host: Sonia Gimeno  
Contact Chicago Booth StaffJenny Eriksson
Cost: Cash Bar

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Andrea Bozzo
genesis rojas bozzo adv
Carlos Gimeno 2018 Executive none
Julián Gil 2014 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group
Sonia Gimeno 2000 Full Time none
ignacio gutierrez 2001 Full Time Aguila Capital
Ignacio Basagoiti 2018 Executive Deloitte Financial Advisory
sebastian slelatt 2005 Full Time Telefonica
Julio Alegria 2005 Executive Arvato Iberia
Francisco Cinto 2014 Full Time Mr
borja badiola 2015 Full Time Carwow
Juan Ramirez 2017 Executive YM Inc
Eduardo Navas Valdés 2007 Full Time EXE EJECUCIÓN POR EXCELENCIA
Christina Tzovaras University of Chicago Booth School of Business (London)
Alex Banegas 2010 Full Time MasterCard Europe
Borja Baeta 2015 Full Time EY Parthenon
Jose Luis Murga 2011 Executive HIJES
Antonio Raya 2013 Executive Hill International