Bogota, Colombia | Sept. 14

Catch up with former classmates, meet new colleagues, share memories of your Booth experiences, and find out what's new as you raise a glass together in Bogota.

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When and Where

Join us for a happy hour celebration on Worldwide Booth Night, featuring drinks, conversation, and camaraderie.


Time: 7:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Location:  Insurgentes Taco Bar 
Calle 56 # 5-21  Bogota, Colombia

Contact the Host(s): Federico Gonzalez 

Contact Chicago Booth Staff: Caitlin Andersen

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Felipe Valencia 2011 Veronorte
Gem McCreary 2013 Citigroup Inc.
Anne-Cecile Mullin 2019 Universal Pictures International
Suresh Nistala 2017 Ecopetrol
Angela Mendoza 2015 Mckinsey
Juan Carlos Peña 2014 Nalsani S.A.S.
Santiago Marino 2013 Estrategias Corporativas
Alejandra Corredor 2010 AC Consulting
Mauricio Maldonado 2008 Grupo Aval
María Fernanda Ortiz 2015 Citi