Tel Aviv, Israel | Sept. 20

Catch up with former classmates, meet new colleagues, share memories of your Booth experiences, and find out what's new as you raise a glass together in Tel Aviv.

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When and Where

Join us for a happy hour celebration on Worldwide Booth Night, featuring drinks, conversation, and camaraderie in Tel Aviv.


Date: September 20, 2018
 8:00-10:00 p.m
Location: The Beer Garden 
3 Aluf Albert Mendler Street 
Tel Aviv, Israel 6107038
Contact the Host(s): Uri Zror
Contact Chicago Booth Staff: Jenny Eriksson
​Cost: ​Cash Bar 

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Daniel Karp 2011 Full Time Cisco
Itay Fried Applied Materials
Zohar Cohen 2012 Full Time GNG
Lorraine Epand Retired
Roi Ben Daniel 2021 Executive Visa
Sharon Duchin 2010 Full Time Ripples
Inbar Goodman 2019 Full Time none
Omri Cohen 2019 Executive Smartlend
David Golod 2002 Full Time LR Group
Eli Shani 1997 Full Time Teva
Yochai Gafni 2010 Full Time The Dow Chemical Company
Uri Zror 2006 Full Time Buligo Capital Ltd.
Yuval Golan 1983 Full Time A-Online Capital (AOC) Ltd.
Glen Shear 1988 Full Time Glenco Corp
Benny Bachrach 1973 Full Time Olesh Business & Economic Consulting Ltd.
Raphael Epand 1972 Full Time none
Aviad Ariel 2006 Full Time Vertex
Roy Grinapell 2016 Full Time J.P. Morgan
Roy Daniel 2016 Full Time McKinsey & Company
Eran Koren 2013 Full Time The Boston Consulting Group