Hong Kong | Sept. 20

Catch up with former classmates, meet new colleagues, share memories of your Booth experiences, and find out what's new as you raise a glass together in Hong Kong.

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When and Where

Join us for a happy hour celebration on Worldwide Booth Night, featuring drinks, conversation, and camaraderie in Hong Kong.


Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Location:  Oolaa
Contact The Host(s): Chin Kwong Han
Cost: $30 USD (~250 HKD)

Who's Coming

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First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
First Name Last Name Class Year Program Company
Stephanie Lau FIS
Kenny Chan 2015 Executive Future Land Development Holdings Limited
Michael Reznikas 2002 Full Time Fidelity Investments
Albert Lui 2012 Full Time Extra Line Company Limited
Christina Lee 2013 Full Time Credit Suisse AG
Eric Lam 2007 Full Time Shiju Real Estate
Liz Peng 2016 Executive Morningstar
Yih Yann Lian 2010 Executive none
Wen Dou 2014 Evening/Weekend MyCapital LLC
John Lee 2002 Executive Sheng Yuan Capital (Hong Kong) Ltd
Doris AuYeung 2017 Executive Xero
Jessie Gao 2009 Full Time HQ Capital
Sojung Park 2016 Full Time Matthews Asia
Louis Lee 2016 Executive Scor
Mike Hu 2013 Full Time Tencent
Qi Yang 2007 Evening/Weekend TPG Capital, LP
John Nash 2016 Full Time none
Michael Sun 2009 Evening/Weekend GF
Kevin Pereira 2008 Executive Vickers Venture Partners
Karim Awad none
Vivian Lam 2016 Executive RRJ Management (HK) Ltd.
Chau Ly 2007 Full Time Aberdeen Asset Management
Anka Twum-Baah 2008 Full Time Marriott International
Emma Tan 2015 Full Time EY
Vincent Lai 2006 Full Time China Renaissance
Boris Aksenov 2017 Full Time none
Werner Schlossmacher 2013 Executive Credit Suisse
Melinda Hu 2018 Executive Walmart
Peter Williams 2010 Executive Citi
Tian Xing none
ricky Gao 2017 Executive Ccb international
Lucy Shen 2014 Full Time Chinese University of Hong Kong
Joshua Teo 2010 Executive Prudential Corp Asia
Chak Lam, Terry Kwok 2016 Full Time Huarong Rongde Investment Management Company
Tobias Heller 2019 Executive Credit Suisse
Alex Wong 2007 Full Time Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Ltd.
JUAN DAVID RAMIREZ 2017 Executive Inditex
Emily Zhao 2015 Full Time Citi
Daniel Ochoterena 2017 Full Time Barclays
Stella Mei 2016 Full Time Blackstone
Pius Xue 2015 Full Time LIM Advisors
Nags Sankaranarayanan 2014 Executive Nomura International Hong Kong Ltd
Hoi wai leung Leung none
Sampson Lau Jynwel Capital
Sharon Lin 2012 Evening/Weekend Goldman Sachs
Engee Chen 1999 Full Time Nexchange
Harry Chang 2005 Executive China Everbright Limited
Steve Phan 1996 Full Time JemimaCapital
Manu Menon Schneider Electric
Melissa Bacani MINKA
Pierre Donnet