Find professionals in a given industry to learn more about that industry and related companies. Talking with contacts in an industry can round out your understanding by filling in tacit knowledge like industry lifestyle and recruiting norms—information that is very difficult to get through searching formal databases. Whether a casual networking meeting or a more formal, interview-like situation, the more you research about your contact and his or her company, the more you’ll get out of your time with him or her. It’s often a good idea to start with more approachable contacts like classmates or recent alumni and then get in touch with or get introductions to more senior contacts.


Top research resources



Search 30,000+ alumni by geography, company, function, skills, keyword, etc. LinkedIn’s Alumni Tool is a good place to start when searching for contacts since alumni tend to keep their LinkedIn profiles more up-to-date than their Community Directory profiles. Unfortunately, there’s no export feature.

  • Use the Attended dropdown to limit by year attended.
  • To search for a specific city or company, use the search icon to the right of the Where they live or Where they work headings.
  • Search this set allows you to add a keyword search to your filters. This is the best method for finding profiles that mention a particular product, market, or skill.


Use the Directory to find Booth alumni at a specific company or within a geographic location. While the contact information and alumni details (such as cohort, club activities, etc.) can be incredibly useful for networking, cross-reference current job titles with LinkedIn or another directory for the most accurate information.


The Full-Time Employment Report Students tab shows firms where Full-Time students interned and landed their full-time jobs and summer internships over the last several years. Use the dropdown menu to search by function, industry, or company name. The results include firm name, location, and student name, which links to an email address.

The Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Employment Report includes a spreadsheet called ”Student Information for Networking Purposes." The spreadsheet includes Evening and Weekend MBA student employment information at the time of graduation and can be searched or sorted by name, company, function, and industry. Once you’ve identified relevant contacts, use the Community Directory to find email addresses.


GTS includes contacts associated with many of the organizations that post jobs in GTS or have contact with the employer-facing side of the Career Services team. Contacts in GTS vary widely in their involvement in the hiring process; some contacts are human resources professionals who administer the job postings, while some are alumni who play active roles in interviewing and hiring review. Use a secondary resource in the section to deduce more about a contact’s role before reaching out to them.

Hover over Organizations and click Recruiter Research. Click on Advanced Search to search by filters like Organization Name, Organization Industry, or Are You a Chicago Booth Alum? In the Results view, click on Next Options to export to Excel.



Additional Resources



Professional associations often have membership directories that may help you identify contacts active in a given sub-industry. (Access to private directories may require a membership fee.) See the Research an Industry and Research a Function sections for more information.

Alternately, join an associated industry group on LinkedIn to be able to search the profiles of other members. You can also see an abbreviated list of your contacts who are members of a given group without joining that group by clicking on the dropdown menu to the left of the search bar and select Groups. LinkedIn Premium subscribers have the option to filter LinkedIn contacts by Group in the Advanced Search.


The Alumni Directory has more than 15,000 alumni from the University of Chicago. From the search page (the default after authenticating), search by employer, keywords, geography, and alumni name, among other criteria.


The Chicago Booth Resume Databases allow you to see resumes created by Booth students who went through campus recruiting in past years. It's a great way to find contacts who have made career changes.

Research steps

Within GTS click on Historical Database - Second Year and select the resume book you want to view. Click Advanced Search to narrow your search to criteria by function, previous experience, keywords, industry, and more.


Capital IQ is a global database with email contacts, including those of Booth alumni, at over two million public and private companies in a variety of industries.


Access to Capital IQ is always available to alumni in the Fisher Career Resource Center, where a member of our staff can log you in. We have a access to a limited number of remote seats for Capital IQ for alumni who are job seeking or are in the process of a career transition. Contact for information about accessing Capital IQ.

Research steps

Within the company’s profile on the left hand menu bar, under People, click Professionals for a list of employees with position titles, biographies, and sometimes contact information. Professionals listed in Capital IQ tend to be higher-level executives.