The following case studies are provided by the Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence at Chicago Booth. They are free to download and use. Instructors and other professionals who would like the solutions to these case studies should email us, and we will follow up within 72 hours.

Case 1: A.I. for Large Enterprises

You have been appointed the Head of Digital Innovation at a Fortune 500 global clothing retail company with three separate brands. Your CEO and CIO have asked you to evaluate opportunities to successfully leverage A.I. to create value for the company. Critically analyze four different proposals from various parts of the company and make a recommendation to the CEO.
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Last updated: 03/08/21

Case 2: Venture Capital

You’re the lead investor for a VC firm and are looking to invest in A.I. applications. One application that you’ve seen is an A.I.-based recruiting tool, and there are three startups you’re considering. You’ve had pitch meetings with all three of them where you’ve asked the same questions and are trying to decide which firm would be the best investment.
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Last updated: 03/08/21

Case 3: Consulting

You are working as a consultant for a Fortune 500 company trying to identify which problem the company is facing that would be best suited to an A.I. solution. You’ve spoken to three different departments that could be candidates, and have asked each of them the same questions.
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Last updated: 03/08/21

Case 4: Product Ideas

You and your friends have come up with different A.I. product ideas by either thinking of a product or of a dataset that could help build an A.I. product. But before deciding which ideas to pursue, you want to evaluate functionality and feasibility.
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Last updated: 06/01/21