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Research with Purpose

The Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation supports research at Chicago Booth and beyond focused on understanding how the social sector operates. Then, we share our findings with people tackling big problems, in hopes of making their work more effective.

We believe that social innovation research can yield insights that will transform the sector and increase the odds of solving seemingly intractable problems. We also recognize that people on the ground, many with decades of experience, possess invaluable knowledge in the fight for a better world. We are committed to bringing these two communities together, sharing lessons from research with experts on the ground and vice versa.

Open Impact

No Ice Bucket? No Problem.

In our Four Fund-Raising Ideas e-book, the Rustandy Center presents research-based ways to engage donors and maximize fund-raising. Learn how to make events effective, structure a fund-raising appeal, figure out the right amount to ask for, and connect more deeply with donors.

Foodbanks Pyramid

Putting Research to Work

In 2006, a team of Booth faculty devised a new distribution system at Feeding America, the nation’s largest food bank. As a result of new market efficiencies, the organization was able to feed 60,000 more people per day. Chicago Booth Magazine explores the research and other insights into helping food banks from the Booth community.

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Bike Sharing

Social Impact Learnings

Is your city’s bike-sharing system optimized? Booth professor Elena Belavina and two peers at INSEAD studied Paris’s bike-share system, Vélib’, and found the potential to increase ridership by 30 percent by redesigning the network. Booth faculty like Professor Belavina are uncovering insights with social impact potential the world over.

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