OpenImpact: Design Thinking for the Social Sector

Open Impact

Throughout Fall and Winter Quarters, the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation brings together University of Chicago students and faculty with social sector experts to workshop an urgent social problem during our OpenImpact series.

OpenImpact is a studio workshop series during which UChicago students and faculty collaborate with colleagues from across disciplines, get inspired by emerging, global challenges, and learn how to use design thinking to develop an idea and test its potential. Each three-hour session helps attendees build foundational skills in entrepreneurship, human-centered design, and mixed-methods research.

In 2017–18, OpenImpact workshops will be organized into two thematic tracks: early childhood education and govtech (government technology). Students looking for a social venture idea can use the OpenImpact tracks to gain exposure to areas of need, identify new venture opportunities, and form SNVC teams. SNVC teams who apply with ventures to tackle challenges in either of these tracks can win an additional $10,000 non-dilutive award.

Future OpenImpact sessions are posted on the Rustandy Center events calendar.

The Rustandy Center works with organizations of all types: nonprofit, for-profit, and government. The lines separating these institutions are blurring, with for-profits adopting social missions, and nonprofits recognizing that business skills are needed to scale their efforts. The OpenImpact series demonstrates our commitment to collaboration and innovation in pursuit of a singular goal: helping our community increase its odds of solving seemingly intractable problems.


Get Involved

Upcoming OpenImpact sessions are listed on the Rustandy Center events page. For questions about OpenImpact, please email the Rustandy Center.

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