Leadership Coaching for Nonprofits

NonProfit Executive Coaching ProgramToo many organizations focused on solving social and environmental problems lack the necessary resources and talent. To help address these deficits, the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation offers the Nonprofit Executive Coaching program in Chicago, through which seasoned Chicago Booth alumni provide leadership coaching to nonprofit executives. Nonprofit executives participating in the program pay a small fee to cover administrative expenses.

Access to Business Leaders and Mentors

The Nonprofit Executive Coaching program allows nonprofit executives in Chicago to access business leaders and experienced mentors, while alumni volunteers provide an invaluable resource to advance a cause they believe in. Alumni are matched with nonprofit executives for an initial six-month coaching term.

The National Hellenic Museum, the Honeycomb Project, the Institute for Latino Progress, and CoderSpace are among the dozens of nonprofits whose leaders have benefited from the coaching.

How it works

Booth alumni coaches should have seven-plus years of work experience, as well as experience coaching and mentoring executives.

There is a $400 fee for participating nonprofits, which must be based in the Chicago area.

Once matches are made, both parties are required to attend a daylong training session. From there, pairs set their own schedules for six months. During that time, there is a midpoint breakfast for all participants and a check-in from Booth staff. At the conclusion of the term, there is a closing session and debrief with Booth staff.

Get Involved

Applications are closed for the 2018-2019 academic year.

“The Rustandy Center’s Nonprofit Executive Coaching program represents a very personal, enjoyable, and impactful way to share board experiences. It is one of those life experiences where you hope the person you coach gets some fraction of the tremendous satisfaction and personal learning you receive as the coach.”

—Mark Trembacki, ’85, Founder, Risk Management Levers Inc.


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