Nonprofit Board Toolkit

Serving on a nonprofit board of directors can be a rewarding way to put your Chicago Booth MBA to work for a cause that’s important to you. With the Nonprofit Board Toolkit, you can access step-by-step guides, videos, PDFs, and more—all designed to help you to find and thrive on a nonprofit board.

Resources in the toolkit are organized around different levels of board experience. To figure out where to start, scroll through the options below or look on the left-hand side of the page.

For any questions about board service or comments on the toolkit, please email us at

Brigitte Anderson being interviewed

Why join a nonprofit board?

NonProfit Executive Coaching Program

Understanding Board Basics

Start here if you are brand-new to board service. In this section, you will learn board basics in short videos tackling nonprofit finance, nonprofit legal issues, and board roles and responsibilities. 

Access Understanding Board Basics
Alumni Board Connect

Finding and Joining a Board

Use this section to learn tools to identify nonprofits that are aligned with your interests, vet potential organizations, and develop a strategy to explore board positions.

Access How to Find and Join a Board
Smart Money

Getting Started on a Board

For new board members, this section offers insights from nonprofit leaders, as well as concrete steps you can take to get up-to-speed quickly and start contributing to the organization.

Access Getting Started on a Board
Making Your Mark

Driving Long-Term Impact

More experienced board members or those looking to guide their nonprofit to new heights can use this section to explore important strategic areas, including defining your board’s culture, enhancing board communication, and developing hiring practices.

Access Driving Long-Term Impact

“As an alumna who has served on boards for many years, I absolutely see the need for easily accessible, high-quality information on nonprofit board service. Although there aren’t 'one size fits all' answers, there are common questions that most board members inevitably will face, including fundraising, board structure, CEO succession, governance, and so on. The Nonprofit Board Toolkit seeks to offer answers to those questions with insights from research and from board members who have been there."

—Susan Kelly, ’96


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