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Alumni Board ConnectFor organizations focused on solving social and environmental problems, the availability of resources and talent is a common problem. To help address this issue, the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation offers the Alumni Board Connect and Board Connect programs.

Alumni Board Connect matches Chicago Booth alumni in Chicago and New York with nonprofits looking for new directors for their boards. In Hong Kong, the program is known as Board Connect and is part of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation.

In Chicago and New York, the Alumni Board Connect program is open to Booth alumni who graduated more than three years ago and live in either city. In Hong Kong, the Board Connect program is open to any business professional living in Hong Kong.

Nonprofits in these cities are eligible to participate if they are a registered nonprofit in good standing and have open seats on their board of directors.

Board matches are made based on alignment between alumni and nonprofit applicants in the following areas: expertise of the alumnus with an organization’s needs, interests with mission, and time and financial commitments with expectations for board members.


Get Involved

Alumni Board Connect Chicago: Applications will reopen in spring 2018.

Alumni Board Connect New York: Applications will reopen in summer 2018

Questions? Contact the Rustandy Center.


How it Works

In addition to offering participating nonprofits access to Booth talent, the Rustandy Center invites participating nonprofits to educational and networking programs on nonprofit effectiveness throughout the year. Meanwhile, alumni are able to give back in a meaningful way; get exposure to new areas of business, such as strategic planning, resource allocation, and crisis management; and build a broader professional network.


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