Social Impact Courses

Social ImpactCourses At UChicagoMany Chicago Booth students pursue social impact; however, the path that each student takes is entirely his or her own. Booth’s offerings incorporate academic and real-world experiences, as do many other programs at the University of Chicago—from the law school to the Harris School of Public Policy to the School of Social Service Administration.



Social Impact Courses outside Chicago Booth

Booth students interested in social impact have taken University of Chicago courses outside of the business school, including:

  • Adventures in Urban Economic Development (PPHA 37250-01)
  • Arts, Culture, and Policy (PPHA 39711)
  • Economics of Education Policy (PPHA 35700-01)
  • Energy Law Seminar (LAWS 45302-01)
  • K–12 Education Policy (PPHA 34312-01)
  • Key Issues in Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach (SSAD 46622-01)
  • Philanthropy, Public Policy, and Community Change (62600-01)
  • Philanthropy and Public Policy (45100)
  • The US Health Care System (SSAD 47512-01)

Students interested in pursuing non-Booth coursework are strongly encouraged to meet with Booth’s Academic Services team.


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